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How To Clean Air Compressor Filter

Dealing with air tools may be a hassle, as it requires frequent maintenance. That includes buying necessary accessories or attachments to prevent the primary tool from deteriorating. However, such tools aren't the only ones who need care, as attachments like air compressor filters need that as well.

You may have thoroughly searched the internet on the proper procedures to clean air compressor filters, but it’s all going to be for nothing. It's natural for newbies to feel that way. Lucky for you, we're here to provide some easy-to-understand tips and help you on your journey as we dwell deeper in tp air compressor filters.

Why is it Important to Clean the Air Compressor Parts Filter

Like any other tool, users need to clean their devices after work as it acts as the first aid before anything else becomes severely affected. In terms of air compressor filters, there are several parts that you must check to fully clean and drain them properly. Each of those parts will be tackled shortly. But first, let's discuss what can happen if you decide not to maintain or clean a compressor filter.

Ideally, you should check your compressor’s status before and after every work. There could be some slight damages that can lead to an accident if you failed to notice them. Furthermore, if a worker continues to use a defective compressor, it can affect their output since the compressor won't pump the right amount needed for the job. In short, failing to maintain a compressor filter can affect both their health and the client's trust in your skills.

Tips on How to Clean Air Compressor Filter

As promised, here is a more in-depth and specific explanation of how to properly maintain a compressor filter tool. You may want to check the compressor you have at home after reading this as you may need some cleaning duties as well. 

Review the manual

The first thing to do is to read the manual that you received together with the product itself. Naturally, the company where you got the compressor won't leave you empty-handed - so do check the manual and carefully clean every bit of the compressor thoroughly. From the air compressor filter housing, down to the oil tank it has, you must check if all of them are thoroughly cleaned. 

Select the Suitable Compressor Filter Housing

Afterwards, you may want to check the housing of your air compressor. There are several factors to help you properly select the perfect housing for your compressor. Doing so can protect the tool itself from external factors like humidity, oil, and others. 

Do check the list below to identify the perfect housing:

- size of the compressor

- noise cancellation system

- location of the compressor

Monitor the Oil Levels

This third step may not apply directly to some compressor filters, but you may want to follow this one if you use oil for lubrication. Using oil is essential for the motors inside the compressor. However, if you never drain and change them, it may affect the performance of your compressor. Therefore, always remember to check the oil level of your compressor. If you already used that stock, make sure to drain it as some solid particles mixed with it can slowly destroy your air compressor. 

Drain the Filter

As mentioned, before and after usage, you must double-check the status of your compressor. That includes draining the collected materials and oil from your accessory tool. Usually, after every work, solid particles like the dust may enter and accumulate. Also, since there is an injected oil for lubrication, it can get mixed up, and it can be harmful to your product.

The same goes for the water. Since there is a high pressure ongoing for the attached air tool, you should expect that there will be accumulated moisture. Fortunately, some of this kind of compressor already has a built-in draining system. Just press the button to release all of the collected materials quickly. 

Le Lematec has this kind of cleaning system for their compressor filters. Better check them out as it properly segregates the oil from water to easily release them while not worrying about them entering the air tool. 

Find the Best Air Compressor Filter with Le Lematec

When the time comes, and your air compressor filter deteriorates, you may want to select the best tool out there. There are several available compressor filters online. The only thing you need to do is check the reputation of the company and the reviews of the tools. Le Lematec, a Taiwan-based company, can be the right one for you!

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