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Suction Filter Air Compressor

Believe it or not, the air is full of pollutants that can damage your air compressor. They come in many shapes, sizes, and phases. We always give importance to the heart of our air compressors: the screw elements and the bearings. We often forget about the core of our compressors: the Suction Filters. It is essential to have high-quality suction filters for your beloved air compressors. If you want better air quality, your compressor should be equipped with an adequate air filtration system that will block all types of contaminants. One smart way to maintain your air compressors is to discover everything about them

Importance Of Having A Suction Filter On Air Compressors

No matter how clean your surroundings might be, there are still undetectable residues in the air that can affect your product and unit. Blocking these contaminants and preventing them from entering your compressor is where the air compressor pump intake filters are   best. On most occasions, moisture and solid impurities commonly cause compressor failure. 

Air compressor pump intake filters are responsible for trapping all kinds of impurities in the air, leaving only air to pass on the unit. High air quality is a must for any type of air compressor. Proving the best tools on your end will guarantee extended economic life and minimize the all-over cost of your operation.

When to Change Your Compressor Filters

Filters are generally replaced twice a year. But, this doesn’t apply to all cases. Take a look at your filter. If suddenly you notice terrible air quality, noisy operation, or something out of the ordinary during operation hours, then you have a problem. Listed below are signs of when to change your compressor filters.

  • You Are Due On Your Maintenance Schedule.

Part of valuing any equipment is following their maintenance schedules. The best way to avoid any problems is by replacing your filters before their due date. According to studies, filters should be changed after 2000 hours of operation, depending on circumstances. Remember, clogged filters or too much build-up can deteriorate your unit. 

  • Damaged Filters

Maintenance should be done regularly, and it is a great opportunity to check your filters, particularly your air compressor intake filters. They prevent dust and contaminants from entering the compressor. Do you know that when dust is sucked inside, they end up in the oil separator? They damage the bearings and screw elements which are vital parts of the compressor. See the domino effect? Well, check your filters. 

  • Poor Compressor Performance

Say you’re done with cleaning the filters, but it still doesn’t work like it was supposed to. It is a clear sign to replace your filter with a new one. Remember to consult the experts to ensure that your filter is compatible with your compressor. 

  • Bad Air Quality

You may not know this, but your work environment greatly affects the performance of your air compressor. If your workplace has lots of dirt, dust, paint, and other potential contaminants, then you should replace and clean your air compressor air intake filters  frequently. Otherwise, you must promote better air quality around you. 

  • There’s Too Much Moisture In It

Corrosion, freezing, or rusting: these are signs you need to change your filters, especially on air compressors that use air dryer filters. Whether it may be water or vapor, it can damage your unit. Air dryer filters work well if you have oil filters as a backup if there are oil particles in your surroundings. 

  • You Are Overusing Your Unit

Exceeding operation hours can cause severe damage to your unit. But I’m fully aware that these occasions are unavoidable, especially during the shut-down period. The best way to prevent this is by replacing your filters. 

Maintain Efficient Yet Low-Cost Operation Through Le Lematec Air Compressor Filters

There is still a lot more to discover about air compressor filters. But one thing is for sure: You need to get the best air compressor filter in the market. Providing the most sophisticated air compressor filters in the industry, the Le Lematec Line of Air Compressor Suction Filters are still performing beyond the limit. Reach out to us, and our highly skilled professionals will guide you every step of the way.