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Portable Sandblasting Guns

When everything has been said and done, the need for a reliable Portable Sandblaster Gun for your workshop use is unavoidable. After all, a fully-functional, efficiently operating sandblaster is an important asset that all workshops should aim to have. Although even with that out of the way, some still tend to overlook its functions and opt for the cheaper alternatives instead. That in itself is not a bad idea, but buying one that already works efficiently in the first place for a greater price will still pay dividends. Here, we will be giving you a guide on the necessary steps to take when you want to buy your own portable sandblaster gun.

The Main Reasons for Getting a Commercial Portable Sandblaster

Yes, acquiring a portable sandblasting gun might seem like a basic understanding for people with prior workshop experience. But  nothing would be able to change the fact that it’s still a pivotal piece of workshop equipment. After all, getting your hands on a tool that could easily eliminate grime, dust, and rust from your surfaces is invaluable. Now that technology has made everything easier and convenient, getting an electrical portable sandblaster for your workshop is a question that you should always consider. 

What Factors Should I Look Out for When I Want to Buy My Own Portable Sandblaster Gun? 

Although buying portable electrical sandblasters might seem like an elementary task, there are still many things that you should consider in order to get the best, bang-for-your-buck sandblaster. It is not just a simple matter of pressing buy on Amazon and then waiting for your shipment to arrive; you should always analyze and think it over beforehand. After all, nobody would want to waste an inordinate amount of money on a tool that they would not be using again.

With that in mind, we have listed down 5 factors that you should consider if you want to purchase your own portable sandblaster gun. With these, you should be able to get one that you would be using for a longer time than you imagined.


It is almost a given at this point, but do not forget to factor in the price of the sandblaster that you are going to purchase. Cheaper does not always mean worse, and pricier does not always equate to reliable. You may come across portable electric sandblasters that are far worse than what is advertised, or are relatively better than what your eyes could see. 

Online Reviews

Now that we are at an age where every transaction could be done online, it is no small wonder to find commercial portable sandblasters for sale online. There are a bunch of them available on AliExpress or Amazon, and they all look mighty tempting. However, tempting as these might seem to be, skepticism should always be at the very heart of the smart online shopper. Hence, browsing through the customer reviews is always a must, Shocking as it may be, there are times where strangers online would be able to dispense sound buying advice about something you would want to buy. 

Consider The Size of The Sandblaster

One thing that you should consider before buying a sandblaster is its size. There are times where the bigger the size, the better it may be. That rule, however, does not apply to sandblasters. As these are tools that are used for your workshop, you should carefully evaluate the size of the sandblasters itself first before purchase. Smaller sandblasters are best suited for smaller workshops, and bigger workshops need larger ones. 

Air Flow

As your electrical portable sandblaster relies on air flow to finish the task, you should carefully consider the sandblaster’s air flow ratings before purchase. Having an air flow rating that is either too high or too low might affect your process in more ways than one. Carefully analyze the specification page of the air tool that you are going to purchase, and then make a decision off of that; however, there are times where the specification pages would not be able to give you adequate information. This is where step number two comes into play as well; you should carefully check the reviews page to know what the sandblaster that you are about to purchase is capable of. 

Air Pressure

Deeply intertwined with the previous number, you should also carefully consider your new commercial portable sandblaster air pressure ratings. Having it at a rate lower than 90 PSI would prove to be inadequate. Ideally, your portable sandblasting gun should have an air pressure rating of 90 to 125 PSI. This way, you can ensure that you would be getting a sandblaster that would help you achieve better work outputs. 

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