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Sandblaster Gun For Air Compressor

When starting a sandblasting project, one question asked is, "what are the sandblasting requirements that I need?" Well, you will definitely find a different list of materials needed and many sandblasting kits for sale when you look up online. But one thing that you need to understand first is the factors to consider before using a particular Sandblaster Gun for an Air Compressor. Learn more about these things in the discussion we prepared below. 

Factors to Consider Before Using Sandblaster Gun for Air Compressor

Using a sandblaster gun for air compressor comes with different purposes; some may want to remove rust or old paints from their old machines or equipment, while some use this for professional automotive tasks. But whether you are using a sandblaster for home use, hobby, or professional works, there are things you need to consider before using one. 

As we all know, working with an air compressor offers a lot of convenience than doing tasks by hand. While both processes help you complete your work, it is undeniable that sandblaster and air compressors work differently.But before you decide on using one, it is best to understand different circumstances that play a vital role in the process. Learn the factors you need to consider with the help of the list that we have put together below. 


Sandblasting deals with different surface materials and requires the proper use of sandblasting media. Some materials may not be compatible with the type of sandblaster you would like to use, so make sure to properly understand the material you will be working with to ensure the best application. 

When dealing with glass etching paint stripping, rust grime, moss mold, and scale on automobile hot tubs, tile pools, and other surfaces, your best choice is to use the Le Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Kit; it delivers both gravity-feed and siphon-feed functions and supports various abrasives. You can also opt to choose the Le Lematec Water Blaster for clean etching on glass, wood, metal, and other DIY projects. 


One concern that stops people from starting their sandblasting project is because of dust. However, there are options where you can go for wet sandblasting and use a water blaster, as it doesn't allow the sand particles to shatter or mess around the area. It’s a  more environmentally-friendly option, and you don't cause trouble to the people around you, as well. But this doesn't mean you can take off protective gears such as masks, as it is still necessary to ensure a safe sandblasting process. 


Of course, budget is one of the top considerations people always think of before getting a sandblaster gun for air compressor. But if you're aiming for quality outputs, and the work requires a particular sandblaster, then to cheap out may not be a great choice. Most especially if your workshops deal with many customers and your service needs to be of quality to keep them. The best thing you can do is to conduct a thorough research, weigh in the pros and cons of your available options, and determine whether one would better suit your work requirements. Nothing is better than having the best air tool match your requirement as it helps you achieve the excellent quality results needed. 

Le Lematec Sandblaster Upgrade Kit

As mentioned, when in the process of sandblasting, having the best and reliable sandblaster is always ideal. As sandblasting can be complicated without proper control and the right air tool, you need to secure a high-quality one to achieve your desired results. Fortunately, the advance of technology has made the job of looking around for different air tools for home or workshops that much easier.  However, choosing out of many options online can be tricky and challenging. You will have a lot of choices, and assessing one by one is troublesome.

Thorough research has never harmed anyone when buying any equipment or product, regardless if you are buying from an online store or brick-and-mortar. You still need to check the features thoroughly to ensure a wise purchase. Now, the best and ideal characteristics to look for in a  portable sandblaster gun for air compressors to use nowadays are the capacity to support abrasive media, combination functions of gravity-feed and siphon sandblasting, and of course, durable and heavy-duty ones. These features perfectly match what Le Lematec Portable Sandblasters offers. It comes with a complete portable sandblaster kit such as a 10-ft hose and siphon tube for full siphon sandblasting.

Sandblasting Made Convenient With Le Lematec Tools!

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