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Hobby Sandblasting Kit

Sandblasting is not an easy task, as it  requires patience, proper control, patience, and correct application. Whether you are a beginner or professional in the field, it still comes with mild to severe, and may even be life-threatening. Hence, it is vital to understand its functions before starting and learn how to set them up correctly. You can start by learning how it  works and following tips and reminders for the setup process. If you want to learn about  the best sandblasting application with your Hobby Sandblasting Kit, then continue reading  the quick guide below. 

The Works of Sandblasting Kits

Dealing with rust, grimes, or even old paints can be  troublesome, especially if it has been stuck on a surface or material for many years. It is where sandblasters like hobby sandblasting kits come to the rescue for your home projects. Unlike traditional or manual cleaning of rust or old paints, sandblasters can help you save time with the best result possible. 

Whether you think the stains seem hard to drive away, then you can rely upon the best portable sandblasters from the product line of Le Lematec Portable Sandblasters. These sandblasters are perfect for hobby or workshop needs by providing both the functions of a gravity feed sandblaster and a siphon feed sandblaster in one single sandblaster gun. By having these air tools, you can indeed tackle any sandblasting needs with high-quality results. 

Steps for Sandblasting Setup

One of the more challenging tasks when working with air tools like hobby sandblasting kits or portable sandblasting units is the setup. Although the visual look of sandblasters seems easy to handle without learning much about its function, it is always necessary to follow the proper procedure to ensure the best application.

Once you have decided to proceed with your sandblasting project, you already have desired outputs that you wanted to achieve, no matter what. But before turning on your air compressor and holding your sandblaster, make sure all the necessary materials are ready and so the surface you will be sandblasting. You also need to ensure your hobby sandblasting kit is appropriately assembled and aware of proper or safe handling. We understand how tricky it may be for first-time encounters, so we gathered a list of reminders you need to know when setting up your sandblaster.

Prepare the things you need.

The sandblasting process doesn't start immediately after you’ve turned your air compressor on; it follows the preparation of the necessary materials, including sandblasting equipment, sandblasting media, safety protections, surface, and material to collect sand. Do not forget to dedicate an ample space or open area when you start with the sandblasting process. Having a spacious area allows you to work conveniently, and enough space will let you move around if needed. 

Prepare the surface.

Now that your materials are ready, the next thing you need is to prepare the surface. Note that proper sandblasting setup is necessary to ensure a smooth process when blasting the surface. Whether you are sandblasting a car, old material, or panel, you need to prepare and provide the intended part is ready, while other details that you won't be blasting are covered. 

As for cars, sandblasting can be damaging to windows; thus, you need a cover sheet to ensure it won't be affected due to the pressure impact released by the sandblaster. 

Get your hobby sandblasting kit ready.

Of course, before you started your project, you have probably chosen your sandblaster to use already. When you choose one, it helps get a portable sandblaster that can work as gravity-feed and siphon-feed alternatively. Happily,  Le Lematec Portable Sandblasters have this feature, making it more convenient for the user to shift from gravity-feed to siphon feed or vice versa in just a switch. It also has auto-shutoff features that make sure the sandblaster is set to OFF to avoid accidents.

Safe handling. 

Before you finally start your sandblasting:

  1. Make sure you know the safe handling process. You must wear safety protection equipment such as goggles, a protective mask, breathing mask, safety clothing, and hearing protection as the process can be noisy.
  2. As you start, step a few feet away from the surface, then start getting closer slowly.
  3. Keep in check the status of the material and avoid high-pressure spray to get closer as it may cause damage to the results. 

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