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Top Air Tools

Even if you already have the Top Air Tools, there may still be instances where you may struggle  with your air tool’s performance. This may be due to various reasons; including lack of proper maintenance and proper handling. In this section, we will teach you how to handle your air tools with the use of the guide questions below. 

Using Air Tools With Small Compressor

Dealing with tons of tasks at home is troublesome, but with top air tools, everything is achievable. Even if you are using a small compressor, you can complete your tasks with ease and convenience. Some would doubt how a small compressor can work the same as large ones, but remember, compressed air remains powerful. 

Air tools and air compressors are perfect equipment you can use even at home. Whether you want to clean off the rust, grimes, old paints, or spraying paint on your walls into a brand new vibe, you only need top air tools like ones from Le Lematec, and you are good to go. Unlike before, where household tasks and home improvement projects take so much time to finish and undeniably daunting for some, air tools and air compressors made it more convenient. 

Guide Questions on Proper Maintenance of Le Lematec Top Air Tools

Do you already have the best and top air tools from Le Lematec? If so, then the next step for your routine is to keep it clean and well-maintained. Note that having the best air tools alone does not secure everything will proceed smoothly. There are things that the user, worker, or operator needs to understand as they use air tools along with air compressors. 

Even professionals sometimes forget the answer to some questions, such as air tool ratings, common problems encountered, and preventing moisture on an air tool. All of these tackles proper maintenance and what action is needed. Learn more about this through guide questions arranged below. 

Do air tools recommend rating impact performance? 

As previously mentioned, there are specific ratings recommended per air tool. Although most air tools are rated at 90 PSI, it is still crucial to check and understand the psi ratings of each. Remember that feeding your air tool above the recommended PSI rating  may significantly affect both the air tool and its performance. Since you will deliver an increase in PSI, there will be too much pressure on the air tool which can be damaging in the long run. You are overworking your air tool in exchange for inefficient performance. The best action to take is to learn more about the PSI ratings of the air tool you use and check all the air connections to avoid feeding overpressure on each. 

What are the common problems I may encounter with air tools?

One of the leading reasons of an air tool’s failure on their application is due to lack of proper maintenance. Lack of, or improper maintenance can cause dirt and grime to slowly eat up each air tool component, stunting its performance and condition. Thus, many technicians encounter problems with torque, and air tools become unreliable for different performance. Some may also experience difficulties with air hoses that do not fit the air tools and air compressors. Remember that it is also crucial to check air hose size requirements to ensure a smooth airflow process when in use. 

How do I prevent moisture on air tools?

Moisture is also present on each air tool, which can also be damaging when left as it is. The water buildup may affect the performance of your air tools like air impact guns, air ratchets, and other more air tools. Notably, it can damage the seals and shortens the air tool lifespan in no time. You can prevent this by draining the water through the drain valve and using a reliable water separator. 

How do I eliminate dirt and rust on air tools?

As mentioned above, specks of dirt and rust are also damaging to air tools. Once these contaminants enter your system and go into your air tools, they may stick to each part. Hence, ensure proper maintenance and checkups on each air tool, component, and air compressor. It is also necessary to install an air compressor filter to prevent these contaminants from entering your system in the first place. 

What causes my air tools to run slowly or not to work at all?

Different types of air tools require proper handling, maintenance, and usage. When you encounter problems where your air tools run slowly or are not working, you need to check the pressure gauge or power source connection. Sometimes, your air compressor may not be receiving the correct pressure, which hinders it from running accurately. There  might also be problems with your power source connection where chords are loose or it does not match the electricity requirement of your air compressor. Ensure to have pre-operation checks before running your system with air tools to take action immediately when needed. 

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