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Portable Blaster Kit

Whether you are using cheap portable sandblasters or expensive Portable Blaster Kits, enough knowledge of using these air tools is necessary. It may seem easy to use these tools, but it requires proper handling and application like other equipment. Mishandling may result in damages, poor performance, and low-quality outputs. Hence, knowing the appropriate sandblasting process, usage, and some tips is helpful. Learn the things you need to remember when using one in a quick discussion below are. 

Using Portable Air Sandblaster Kit With Sandblasting Gun and Hose

The use of portable sandblasting equipment has served versatility to different working environments. Whether for automotive, construction, industrial cleaning, or home use, you can benefit from this equipment. However, using one may be challenging if you are new to this tool or has limited knowledge of how this works. Thus, it is best to conduct or go over some research and discover the works of portable blaster kits. 

Sandblasting is a widely-used method for cleaning purposes of rusts, grimes, or excess paints. Both homeowners and hobbyists enjoy using a portable blaster kit at home due to its convenience and high-performing functions. Imagine having a piece of old equipment or stuff filled with rust, thinking you can no longer use it; sandblasting can help you restore its look like a brand new item. You only need to learn the correct sandblasting media to use, get the right sandblasting equipment, and know the proper process when doing one. With enough knowledge, you are sure to achieve sandblasting quality results.

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Things to Remember When Using Portable Blaster Kit at Home

Once you have decided to use portable blaster kits for your project, particularly at home, it is vital to have everything ready to avoid any interruption while in the process. You also need to be aware of things to watch out for when using one. Even though it is only for home projects, following the proper instruction and best tips is still crucial. Discover and learn more about some tips helpful when using a portable blaster kit below.

Cover spots that you won't be blasting. 

Sandblasting is a helpful cleaning and smoothing tool for surfaces but can be troublesome if not used properly. Before you start your sandblasting process, make sure to cover spots that you won't be blasting. It is to prevent damages to the underneath material. You may use a cover sheet and tape and secure the masking as loose coverings may still be useless and can end up damaging other surfaces. 

Don't rush the process. 

While sandblasting is a fun activity for hobbyists and can help accomplish tasks in less time, it is vital not to rush the process. Portable blaster kits like ones from Le Lematec are reliable for high flexibility and convenience of use. With both functions of gravity feed sandblaster and siphon feed sandblaster in one single sandblaster gun, you are sure to cater to any sandblasting needs. Hence, there's no need to rush the process to manage the mess and improve the quality of outputs. 

Don't forget to wear safety equipment. 

While the wearing of safety equipment is familiar to all, some still put themselves at risk, thinking they can handle the job independently. Remember, using compressed air can be dangerous, and the best way to prevent mishaps is to protect yourself with protective gear. 

Test portable blaster kit's setting.

Before officially starting your project, it is also helpful to first test your portable blaster kits on a small surface to check its setting. If you find the sandblaster not working according to your requirement, adjust it until you get the settings you need. 

Pay attention to areas you are blasting. 

When you do sandblast, make sure to pay attention to areas and surfaces you intended to blast. As mentioned above, you may damage other areas, and that alone may trouble you. Thus, be careful on spraying and follow the proper sandblasting process.

Clean up the residue once done.

Once you achieve the results you want, never leave your sandblasting equipment unattended and ensure to clean up all the residue. Nothing more is satisfying than completing your tasks while still responsible for the equipment used and mess produced. 

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