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Air Hose For Pneumatic Tools

If you're a pneumatic tool enthusiast, you know that choosing the right air hose is not an easy task. A quality air compressor hose is essential to ensure the stability of air pressure coming out from the device. An air hose also features a strong seal and a consistent power output that can make any pneumatic application more possible. They come in a vast range of air hose fitting for air tools available, making the decision that much more difficult. So whether you're a home or professional air tool fanatic, you'll need a dependable Air Hose for Pneumatic Tools that can help you become more efficient with your work process.

Different Factors to Consider When Choosing a Reliable Air Hose

Knowing how to choose the proper air hose for your air tools depends on numerous essential factors. To effectively blow air from the compressor, you have to carefully consider the required hose dimensions, including its overall length and internal diameter. The air hose itself can vary in length, internal diameter, and type of materials used. For the length choices, there are many different sizes of air hoses intended for various kinds of applications. 

The length should depend on the required distance between the air compressor and the workspace where the pneumatic tool is placed. A longer air hose can allow you to flexibly work at a greater distance. However, longer hoses could also mean that there are instances of lost transmissions on air pressure. On the other hand, a shorter hose is more suitable and manageable in small spaces. A shorter hose also maintains better air pressure transmission and is ideal for portable compressor applications. That said, you have to find the best size air hose for air tools. The next important factor to consider is the internal diameter, or the ID of an air hose. Choosing the proper ID is essential to provide the right amount of air while maintaining the precise pressure over the distance traveled (l/min).

For most simple air tool applications, a 6mm ID is recommended, while for heavy-duty applications, you'll need an average of 8mm to 10mm ID. In case an air tool to be used has the same l/min requirement as your air compressor, a shorter and wider hose is needed to minimize loss of air pressure. 

Lastly, you have to decide whether you need a straight or curly one when it comes to choosing the right air hose. Standard or straight air hoses are very handy, resistance-free, and can be easily assembled into loops for better and convenient storage. In contrast, curly or recoil air hoses resemble telephone cables, making them look shorter than they actually are. These tiny coils offer great resistance and require strength to draw them out, but they are fast and easy to store after every use. Regardless of size and type, these hoses are made with different kinds of materials that need to be considered according to the needs and requirements of applications.

Different Types of Air Hose Materials

Modern air compressor hoses are made with a variety of lightweight synthetic materials, replacing the traditional styles of hose made from solid rubber. These materials also come with braided steel wire or fiber layers that provide superb strength and resistance while remaining very flexible. 

Find out more about the different materials you might consider in choosing the best air hose kit for your pneumatic tools:

Rubber Hoses

A rubber air hose is the most common type you can mostly see in residential and commercial garages. In fact, they've been a choice of many air tool users for many years and are made of synthetic braided or spiraled yarn rubber. Although rubber hoses are heavy, they are considered the most flexible and most durable type out of all other materials. However, they tend to pick up a huge amount of dirt as it's hauled on the floor.

Hybrid Hoses

This type of air hose is a blend of rubber and PVC materials, or other hybrid polymers. Combining these two materials provides a durable and manageable air compressing since it is lighter in weight. Unlike rubber air hoses, these hybrid air hoses don't easily attract dirt which is very convenient for the owner and can save a lot of time and money in maintenance. 

PVC Hoses

Air hoses made with PVC materials are the most economical choice of many air tool users. They are usually made of a black PVC compound and durable polyester spiral material for reinforcement, perfect for withstanding many challenging air tool operations. However, these air hoses are difficult to uncoil and lay flat on the floor when being used, especially in cooler temperatures. 

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