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Compressor and Air Tools for Mechanics

Cheaper and more convenient to use than electrical power tools, compressed air-powered tools are most preferred by many handymen and mechanics out there. What’s more, they are much safer to use in different DIY projects and industrial fields. The first thing springs immediately to mind when they hear "air tools" or "pneumatic tools" is men doing drilling jobs in construction or road sites. When we hear pneumatic tools, what comes to mind are working men who are drilling holes in the road. However, air tools are more than just typical working tools you can find in different industrial settings; in fact, there are so many types of Air Tools for Mechanics powered by compressor-supplied air, which we'll be tackling later, so keep on reading.

The Advantages and Benefits of Modern Air Tools

An air tool is powered by compressed air rather than electricity. Generally speaking, every air tool requires an air compressor to produce a pressurized blast of air to perform a particular task. Since an air pressure tool can be used in a wide variety of home and business jobs, it's essential to determine the amount of air a specific air tool will consume as well as the amount of pressure needed to perform its function. An air tool's required volume and pressure will be the basis when you're just planning to buy your air compressor and pneumatic oil for air tools. This will help you know the right size and features of the air compressor you need to power your air tools.

Air tools can easily carry out basic repairs on your home, workplace, or even your vehicle as they make specific tasks faster and more efficient. Of course, it always depends on which purpose you want from an air tool grease kit, which is usually determined by the air compressor size that can be measured in standard cubic feet per minute (CFM). Even though they contain much power, they do not overheat, making them the ideal tools for small to heavy-duty jobs compared to electric-powered tools. Not only that, air tools perform better, causing less stress and hand strains for operators during and after work.

Different Types of Different Air Tools Powered By Air Compressors

When it comes to high-torque and high-volume tools, it's arduous to beat air tools from the list. Even though there are many different air tools on the market, they effortlessly fit into different categories. This just means that you won't have to memorize too much in case you need to have each one for your business and home projects. From paint sprayers to impact wrenches, here's a list of what air tools are and their functions.

Paint Sprayers

Paint sprayers are one of the most popular air tools in different fields, including woodcraft, furniture, and automotive industries. It allows users to cover broad surfaces quicker and with less effort than conventional paint rollers or brushes. They are also perfect if you want to conceal bumps, cracks, and other exterior imperfections, resulting in smooth and flawless surfaces. 

Air Grinders

Whether you're a newbie or already spent years of experience in industrial works, you probably have seen or used a traditional high-powered angle grinder. But as technology evolves, grinding tools manufacturers have also upgraded the features of modern grinders. Air grinders work along with the same principle as conventional grinders but come with the benefits of air compressors.


Quick removal of rust, dirt and other frustrating surface contaminants is made easier with the help of sandblasters. In fact, it is known to be one of the best surface prep tools. Whether you need to restore a rusty car surface or replace your old wall paint, a sandblaster is a worthy investment.

Air Impact Wrench

An air impact wrench, also known as an impact gun, air wrench, air gun, torque gun by many working tools professionals. It is a socket wrench tool powered by compressed air designed to deliver high torque output with less effort needed by the operator. In addition, it can quickly remove machine-tightened nuts and bolts for a much easier process. 

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