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Auto Mechanic Air Tools

Ever since industrialization began, air compressors have already played a pivotal role in a lot of the production industry. By providing pressurized air, it can store potential energy that is deemed essential in many industrial processes. However, maintaining the cleanliness of these types of equipment can be a hassle if left unchecked. It can lead to numerous viruses, bacteria, and phages buildup. When worst comes to worst, it can even result in different diseases, infections, and demise. As such, prioritizing the health of your customer is also an important thing to keep in mind.

It is inevitable, since most Auto Mechanic Air Tools are always exposed to the air which comprises this contaminant. In order to prevent this, you just need to follow an air tool guide with the correct ways on how to keep your air tools sanitized as close as possible. But before that, let us know what are the leading causes of microbe development among your air tools.

What Causes These Contaminants?

Microorganisms like viruses and bacteria can often multiply under certain conditions. With the right amount of water vapor in the air and warm temperatures, their propagation rate is very hard to control. Different microbes can find an opportunity to survive depending on the amount of water in your air tools. Another thing is the temperature. Unlike cold places, warm environments are a perfect habitat for many bacteria. So, if you want to keep your tools bacteria-free, always put them in areas with a good air conditioning system. Last is their food source. Their energy source can vary depending on the type, but most of them are usually found anywhere like factories and production sites. To be specific, they can feed on oils, sugar, carbon, and many more.

5 Tips to Maintain Your Auto Mechanic Air Tools

Keeping your air compressors and tools free from any harmful bugs and germs is a difficult task to do; it requires a lot of effort and attention for the most part, but the results are worth working on. Not only can it ensure the quality of your products, but it can also save your business from complaints and charges from the customers. In any production site, it is always a must to ensure that every bolt and nut of your tools are as sterile as possible to avoid contamination. So, without further ado, here are the ways to keep your air tools free from any microbes.

Check for any leaks

If you plan on keeping these harmful substances out of your equipment, you should definitely check for leaks. A single opening from your tanks can give off chances for bacteria to survive. Unfortunately, this can also make them vulnerable to the buildup of water and inconsistent system temperature. Check out this amazing LE LEMATEC Air Hose Connector Set that can help you prevent any air leaks!

Replace your filters regularly

Installing an air compressor or air tool filter might have different functions based on a specific type, but they are all the same in general. Just like this Air Compressor Filter Regulator Combo (AS209) and Inline Air Compressor Water/Oil/Dirt Filter, they are preventing any dust and microbes from entering your tools. As a vital reminder, you should set regular time intervals in switching out your filters. Although it might look clean and free from any bacteria, you should do it anyway because we might never know if they are present since most of them are not visible to the naked eye.

Always check your PDP

Pressure dew point, also known as PDP, is a specific measurement of temperature to which the air must be cooled to reach saturation. In simple terms, it measures the humidity. Implementing a maximum of 10 to 20% relative humidity will help you avoid growing organisms. You might want to check out our new Digital Air Pressure Regulator to maintain your tools’ humidity as precisely as possible!

Make Use of Aftercoolers

Aftercoolers are robust mechanical heat exchangers that let you cool your compressed air down without building up too much moisture. It also guarantees that the air you will be using is as dry as possible. Operating with an arid component can significantly improve the system's temperature without worrying about the microbe buildup. Aftercoolers also reduce the threat to the safety of igniting fires. High temperatures can spread heat fast, after all.

Proper condensate disposal

Condensate is an unavoidable waste product of any compressed air. Get rid of any accumulated moisture as soon as possible to avoid any damage. This substance is typically found along with the receiver tank and other system components, so you need to be thorough about this.

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