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How To Use A Gravity Spray Gun

Preventing equipment problems is possible when you know how to use it safely and correctly. Now, when using spray guns at home or work, you need to be aware of some things, including proper use and possible hazards. In this section, you will learn about the importance of understanding How to Use a Gravity Spray Gun along with the potential dangers and the preventive actions needed in case things go haywire. 

Importance of Learning How to Use a Gravity Spray Gun Properly

Using a gravity spray gun may seem easy with its visible features but requires proper handling on the actual. While it works as if you are holding a gun, your hands should work accordingly to ensure the appropriate spray pattern and quality paint outputs.

Since you will be dealing with paint chemicals and compressed air, you need to learn how to use a gravity spray gun properly. This is not just  because there are home spray guns available today; you can use this tool in any way you want. You would need to follow the manual instructions, the right process, and proper application. This is to ensure that you are using it safely and prevent any hazards and even life-threatening accidents. As you may know, compressed air is dangerous. More so when you work carelessly without understanding the proper safety precautions and application. If you are thinking of using one, make sure to understand the instructions thoroughly and be aware of possible hazards that may arise while in the process. 

The Possible Hazards You May Encounter With Spray Guns

When using HVLP or gravity spray guns, you are not only dealing with the task itself, but you are prone to possible hazards that can cause accidents or injuries. Hence, understanding these potential hazards are necessary for the safe use of spray guns and air compressors.

Before starting your spray gun projects and applying your air spray gun techniques, make sure you get everything ready and know how to use a gravity spray gun properly. A single mistake can lead to fire, solvent hazards, inhaling of toxic substances, or worse, an explosion of incompatible materials. Discover and learn more about these hazards and what you need to do to keep yourself safe from dangers with a quick discussion below. 


One of the potential hazards when working with spray guns is fire as solvent and chemicals can be flammable when applied or sprayed. Hence, the operator should be aware of the solvent used and never smoke nearby the area. It is also necessary to ensure adequate exhaust to keep the air free of flammable vapors accumulation. Also, provide a fire extinguisher accessible in the spraying area. This way, fires become manageable when they do  happen. 


Solvents are  also dangerous during the spraying process. When this is expelled in the air and comes into contact with your eyes, solvents can be damaging. You can be considered  lucky if you sustain  mild injuries. But do not forget how threatening and dangerous eye injuries can be, so make sure to work safely. As a reminder, it is crucial to wear protective gear and equipment, particularly eye protection. While you may enjoy the spraying application, considering your safety should always be a priority. If you aim for a cost-effective spraying solution, learning how protective equipment works to keep you safe from danger is the first thing to understand. 

Inhaling Toxic Substances

Commonly, painting materials include toxic substances which can be damaging to the operator or people nearby when inhaled. This can cause injury to your skin or overall health. Indeed, working with toxic materials, spray guns, and air compressors is challenging without proper knowledge. That said, before going through your painting projects, make sure you understand the Material Safety Data Sheet that the manufacturer has provided. Ensure adequate exhaust in the working area to keep the air free of toxic materials accumulation. As there is always a chance of inhaling sprayed materials, it is necessary to wear a respirator mask compatible with the materials used. 

Explosion Hazard Due to Incompatible Materials

There are solvents and chemicals that are incompatible with the materials that you are spraying, which may lead to an explosion. It may be due to a violent chemical reaction, causing the equipment to explode. Hence, check all the materials you will be using and verify their compatibility with the solvents. You can refer to the label or datasheet for the compatibility of solvents and materials you intend to spray.

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