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Handheld Sandblaster

Whether you are into professional sandblasters for sale or hobby-friendly Handheld Sandblasters for cars, understanding how to use these tools properly are necessary. Fortunately, there are many valuable tips available online waiting for you to discover. We know how helpful it is, so we gathered some of them down below just for you!

How to Use Handheld Sandblaster for Cars

Handheld sandblasters are not only reliable for home or industrial cleaning tasks, but they can also be used for cars. If you want to learn an effective way to get rid of  rusts from autos or plan to repaint it, then sandblasting is for you. With its durability and optimal performance, handling your automotive cleaning jobs is now more manageable. 

However, the process may still become tricky due to some factors, and careful consideration should always be practiced. Mainly, you need to pay extra attention to the materials you will be using as some may cause damage or harm to your cars during the process. Before starting your sandblasting project with handheld sandblasters, learn how to use one through the valuable tips listed below. 

Choose the suitable sandblasting media.

One of the vital factors that affect sandblasting processes and outputs is the sandblasting media used. As for cars, you need to be careful in choosing the sandblast media for your sandblasting project. This  may vary depending on the parts of the car you intend to sandblast. If you are blasting the underbody, you can use various sandblasting media due to its steel characteristics. But when you start dealing with the car body itself, then choosing sandblasting media may now be tricky. The blast media you may use effectively on different parts are baking soda or fine grit crushed glass. When using the blast media, you need to have a precise pressure control and set the proper pressure setting for the best results. 

Ensure not to damage fragile parts from sandblasting media. 

Like any other surfaces, some parts of your car are fragile. With that in mind,  you need to be careful when blasting them. Failure to do so may result in damages and may cost you more than expected. One standard part fragile to sandblasting is the windows, as pressure impact may damage or even break it, so make sure to protect your windows before starting. However, watching these parts may be challenging. The  best way you can do is to avoid the sandblasting nozzle to reach these areas, or cover them with protective layers. 

Use a handheld sandblaster and adjust pressure settings as needed.

When using a handheld sandblaster, you need to pay close attention to the pressure settings. Once you are ready to sandblast your car, you need to ensure that the pressure application starts as low as possible and then progressively increases as needed.  If you are thinking of feeding a higher pressure, make sure to test it first on a small area or surface to check. Always remember that overpressure results in inefficient, poor performance and may also cause damages. That said, feed only the air pressure needed and adjust the pressure settings to the right amount. 

Avoid excessive heat.

The friction of media can also cause damage to your sandblasting process, leading to excessive heat and distortion of the panel. You may prevent this issue by using a wet blasting attachment to reduce the friction of blasting media. It is also crucial to learn some blasting techniques and ensure the blasting media do not stay for a long time on one surface. Instead, make sure only to allow it enough to keep on a particular area to clean the rusts or paints successfully. 

Le Lematec Gravity Feed Sandblaster

When using a gravity feed sandblaster with your sandblasting project, you can achieve a more convenient blasting process without being tethered to a siphon hose. You can also blast in tight spaces or even hard-to-reach areas, making the process more manageable. Now, if you are thinking of buying one, Le Lematec AS118 SandBlaster Gun Kit is one of the great options you can find today.

Whether you need a sandblaster for glass etching, stripping paint, rust, grime, moss, mold, and scale on automobiles, hot tubs, tiles, pools, and other surfaces, the Le Lematec Handheld Sandblasters are the suitable and perfect partner for any sandblasting needs. It comes with a setup kit that includes a 1/4'' NPT quick connector, user manual, & media guide. Moreover, it has features of a fully adjustable control valve that automates sand flow precisely, making your sandblasting process more efficient and reliable. Indeed, getting an advanced portable sandblaster is easy with Le Lematec. 

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