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Important Tips on Choosing the Best Sandblasting Media

Just as  the most reliable sandblaster is ideal for every sandblasting project, the Best Sandblasting Media should also be carefully considered. It is why assessing the surface material requirements is crucial before starting with the sandblasting process. If you are unsure of what blasting media to use, we gathered some tips on choosing the right media for your surface material below. 

The Magic of a Simple Sandblaster

Some people tend to replace things immediately as soon as they find it dirty, filled with rust, or for simple aesthetic purposes. Regardless if some are still useful, it is just too much work to clean. Well, there may be people who find it too daunting to clean things by hand, scrub it or spend long hours. Fortunately, sandblasters are now widespread in today’s  market and cleaning off rust, grimes, or excess paints has never been easier. 

Portable sandblasters are one of the most popular sandblasting equipment today that both  workshop professionals and simple hobbyists enjoy. With its magic of breathing new life into an old item, people get to save more money instead of throwing it all away. However, some people find it difficult to decide whether they need gravity-feed or siphon-feed sandblasters. Technology has advanced enough to the point that  there is no more need to struggle between the two as both functions are available with Le Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Kit. With these functions, you can quickly shift from gravity-feed to siphon-feed and vice versa, making it more versatile to tackle more sandblasting needs. 

Tips on Choosing the Best Sandblasting Media

Here’s some questions: Do you have your sandblaster ready for sandblasting? Are you already familiar with the best sandblasting media to use for your project? Before jumping into the sandblasting process, it is helpful to first understand abrasive blasting media to achieve the  best results. 

While sandblasters are advantageous, your project may still fail if you are not using the right and best sandblasting media required. Note that there are different types of abrasive and sand media for sandblasting available today, and each of them has different uses and purposes. If it is your first sandblasting project, learning some tips on choosing blasting media is helpful. Discover these valuable tips in the list below! 

Start with a gentler medium.

Sandblasting far from  a guessing game; and using random sandblasting media is not a good choice. If you are unsure if the surface you will be blasting can withstand the media you would be using, it is better to start with a gentler medium. You may try corn cabs or walnut shells for softer surfaces like wood. These blasting medias are biodegradable, which is excellent for environment-friendly options. 

Glass beads are your key to a shine output.

Are you aiming for a shine sandblasting output? The use of glass beads is perfect for achieving a bright and smooth finish. With just minimal pressure on the surface, you can complete sandblasting with a shiner output. The glass beads are made of fine soda-lime glass, making it easier to put minimal pressure. If you are looking for an effective-cost solution, glass beads are your excellent choice. Before replacement, glass beads are recyclable for up to 100 times, which means that you can reuse them more times than you thought. 

Aluminum oxide is ideal for paint removal. 

If you are looking for a blasting media perfect for paint removal or general cleaning solutions, aluminum oxide may be your choice. With features that are sharper and harder than glass beads, removing paints becomes more manageable. 

Use plastic for fiberglass parts. 

One blasting media that helps to lower the amount of dust is plastic. Plastic is an ideal medium given its soft features if you need to remove paint from fiberglass parts used in automotive and aerospace applications. 

Choose steel media for polishing and peening applications.

Another best sandblasting media you can use for polishing and peening applications is the steel media. It offers a sharper texture, applicable for removing rusts or paint from surfaces like steel. 

Every sandblasting project requires different blasting media for the best results. Each of them can contribute a significant difference to the overall output. Hence, it is crucial first to assess your surface material and find the best sandblasting media to use. 

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