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Air Compressor Regulator

Operating an air compressor is not an easy task. There are methods and processes that you need to follow to ensure the completion of your working activities. To make it successful, giving attention to the air pressure on your air compressor is the key. You need to ensure the right amount of pressure and get the settings accurate through Air Compressor Regulator

Importance of an Air Compressor Regulator

Air Compressor Regulator has a vital function for every air compressor. But how do air compressor regulator work? It controls and regulates the airflow that moves into your system. The absence of an air compressor regulator can impact the airflow pressure and intensity within the compressor to air tools. It is why the air compressor regulator is a crucial component that guards your devices against under or overuse. It also decreases the measure of air that the air compressor needs to process. It ensures that your air tool applications are of the best quality. 

Steps on How to Regulate an Air Compressor

Regulating of air compressor varies depending on the air tools you connect with your system. You will need to adjust the pressure to match its PSI specifications for every air tool you use. That said, knowing how to adjust air compressor pressure regulator is vital when doing so. Learn from these guiding steps to ensure you are regulating your air compressor right. 

Step 1: Turn On the Air Compressor

First, turn on the air compressor and prepare it to make necessary air pressure adjustment as needed. Allow few minutes until the compressor has filled up with fresh pressurized air. A complete tank of air is vital to make necessary pressure adjustment on this cycle. 

There is noise released after the compressor is on that determines a successful initial fill of air pressure.

Step 2: Examine the Air Tool To Check the Psi Compatibility

Next, you will need to examine whether your tool is compatible with your air compressor. It is crucial to test PSI compatibility to ensure your compressor can handle your air tools. The PSI that surpasses the limit of your compressor is best-used for different compressor system. The ideal compressor for tools like this is those with higher capacity. But if the compressor pressure surpasses the tool requirement, then the process may continue. 

Step 3: Attach the Tool and Air Hose To Your Air Compressor

After securing the PSI compatibility, you can now attach and connect the air tool and air hose. Once settled, connect the air hose to your air compressor. If you are new to this process, attaching these tools may be confusing for you. At this point, you will only need to find the port on the device and connect the tool. You may also refer to the manual to locate the port where you can attach it.

Step 4: Adjust the Pressure Regulator and Meet the PSI Specifications

Before proceeding to this part, ensure the connection of tool and air hose are proper. From here, you can now set and adjust the air compressor regulator and meet the PSI specifications. There is a regulator knob that will allow you to navigate it and its position are mostly on the right side. 

Step 5: Locate the Regulator Knob and Unlock It

In some air compressor regulator, you need to unlock the regulator knob before you can start navigating it. Most of the regulators have a push and pull lock feature where you can unlock by pulling outward and lock it back by pushing inward. You may also refer to the user manual for secure lock navigation. 

Step 6: Increase or Decrease the Pressure

You can now adjust the pressure by either increase or decrease. If you would like to increase pressure on your air compressor, turn it right to clockwise direction. The intense pressure is visible from the actual readings of the regulator and its sound. After adjusting the air pressure, lock back the regulator knob. On the other hand, if you would like to decrease pressure on the air compressor, turn it in a counterclockwise direction until you meet the pressure level you intend. 

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