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Portable Sandblaster Cabinet

A sandblasting cabinet is a vital tool that helps you ease work at your shop or even for home use. But just like any other tool, sandblasting cabinets come in different styles and forms. You can find Portable Sandblaster Cabinet, Standard or Split-Level ones. Now, if you are new to this tool, then deciding what to choose may be difficult. To guide you, here are quick discussion about portable sandblaster cabinet and other types you can use. 

What is a Portable Sandblaster Cabinet?

Portable Sandblaster Cabinet is one of the types of sandblasting equipment, also known as mini sandblasters. It is a piece of ideal sandblasting equipment for accomplishing little to extra delicate projects. This equipment will help you make necessary modifications as detailed as possible. Sandblasting activities are convenient with a portable sandblaster cabinet. 

Best Portable Sandblaster For Home Use

As the air tools development continues, the rise in portable equipment is noticeable. If you are doing DIY or home improvement activities, some larger equipment may be inconvenient and confusing to use. It is why having a go-to and best portable sandblaster for your home projects such as Le Lematec Sand Blaster Gun Kit for All Blasting Projects is helpful. This small portable sandblasting machine has a media compartment that can support various media like steel grit glass beads, soda, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, black diamond, and more. It is also capable of accomplishing workshop or professional projects and is ideal as a commercial portable sandblaster. 

Other Types of Sand Blasting Equipment

While portable sandblaster cabinets are on the rise, sandblasting equipment also comes in other types. It is to cater to different needs and levels of convenience to every sandblaster user. These sandblasting equipment types may be used in similar ways, but they have distinct characteristics that serve their functions. It is also helpful to understand their uses to identify which of them will work best for your sandblasting activities. Discover other types of sandblasting equipment and their purpose below.

The Standard Sandblaster Cabinet

One common sandblasting equipment is the standard sandblaster cabinet. These are cabinet blasters fixed with openings in the machine. These are noticeable on the front side and even on both sides. This standard sandblaster cabinet is ideal for accomplishing small projects up to medium sizes. 

The Split-Level Sandblaster Cabinet

Aside from standard and portable sandblaster cabinets, there is also a split-level sandblaster cabinet. This fixed type of sandblasting equipment has a hatch top that uncovers up on a hook. This feature allows the user to create a more open work area. If your projects are larger or heavy-weight objects, then the split-level sandblaster cabinet is useful. 

The Different Types of Blasting Systems

Whatever sandblasting equipment you choose best between portable sandblaster cabinet, standard or split-level ones, you will still have to make another wise decision for your blasting systems. You have your choices between a siphon cabinet or using a direct pressure cabinet. While your skills can help you achieve an outstanding sandblasting project, it is vital to identify which equipments are best for your activity. On this part, your choice will depend on how you require your equipment to pass your sandblasting media to the blasting nozzle. For better understanding, here the two different types of blasting systems you can check.

Direct Pressure Cabinets

If you are eyeing for much quick completion of sandblasting activity, then the direct pressure cabinets are useful. It is because these blasting cabinets are capable of removing abrasive media at a high rate of blasting. It can make your sandblasting activity accomplish faster than siphon blasting cabinets as it can get rid of the abrasive media instantly. These blasting cabinets are also ideal for modifying the pressure flow rate you want for your activity. May it be to lower or increase, you can customize it yourself. 

Siphon Blasting Cabinets

If you would like to use a blasting system for light to occasional purposes, then these siphon blasting cabinets or suction might be for you. These blasting cabinets are also ideal for non-heavy projects and extensive cleaning activities. Before blasting from the end nozzle, the gun will pull the abrasive media to the nozzle. Due to its two-way processing method, these blasting cabinets demand more air pressure. But despite that, it is still more convenient and cost-efficient than the others.

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