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How To Paint A Room With A Spray Gun

Expanding our horizons, like trying out new things, seems to be one of the positive effects of the pandemic on people nowadays. From swimming pool restoration to building a mini garden, home improvement became a trend as people chose to be productive even on lockdown. One of the most notable transformations that people tried is room renovation, like repainting your bedroom wall.

This particular project is fun to do, as painting can be extremely therapeutic. Changing the color to match the LED lights is one of the trends, which is very easy to do when you got a heavy duty spray gun like an HVLP one. 

Why Choose HVLP Heavy Duty Spray Gun?

Newbies in the field don't need to worry about operating it as it is not complicated to utilize. However, understanding how it works through reading the manual is key to do that. Also, HVLP spray guns are powered by air which makes them compact and ideal to use. Whether or not you are a professional in this field, it is better to acquire tools that are comfortable to use. That's what HVLP can offer.

Additionally, it already has a cup attached to the gun for convenience. Just fill the cup with the amount needed for the job. In that way, the probability of wasting paint is less than usual. Furthermore, it doesn't overspray compared to other spray guns as it decreases paint release up to 30%. Thus, saving you from additional expenses.

Lastly, this type of spray gun is versatile. Workers can use it for several tasks other than painting. For example, due to its power turbine, you can use it on wood to apply varnish coating. Moreover, you can also use it for gloss or covering wood stains. 

How much are spray Guns Online?

Several companies and manufacturers provide quality-wise HVLP spray guns. One of them is Le Lematec, a Taiwan-based tool company. They offer four varieties of heavy-duty spray guns with a price range of $50 - $100. 

Indeed, buying spray guns is somehow pricey but reasonable. Although, such a tool requires a lot of attention to prolong its quality performance and avoid its deterioration. Like any other pneumatic tool, HVLP must be well taken care of after every use. Make sure to store it properly and clean it until spotless. 

How to Paint a Room With a Spray Gun

Seems like a hassle? Don't worry, as the HVLP spray gun is your best buddy if you want to finish the job efficiently. We list down some tips you can follow to utilize the tool for your room makeover project fully!

Empty Your Room

Before anything else, move all of the furniture or any decorations hanging on the wall you're going to work on. If you don't want to spoil your bed or anything close to your heart, keep them away until you ensure that the rest of the paint is dry. 

Additionally, if there are electric sockets on the wall, it's better to unscrew the cover or apply masking tape to prevent sprayed paint stains on the plug. Finally, lay sheets of unused paper boxes on the floor to be safe, unless you want to deal with that stain on the floor. 

Prep the Wall

Afterward, all you need to do before applying the paint is prepping the wall. Certain types of paint finish usually require you to apply primer first. This step helps you ensure that the paint will last and stick to the surface longer. 

There are various types of primer that you can select, but of course, it should complement the kind of finish and paint you'll choose. Examples of those primers are oil-based and water-based ones. Both of them work well as long as you apply them on a suitable surface like bricks, metal, or wood. 

Fill the HVLP With Your Chosen Paint

Since you are working with a bedroom wall, you can use various types of finish, namely, semi-gloss, flat, and eggshell. These finish types are used for low - medium traffic areas in the house, making them the perfect choices. Select the paint you want with any of these finishes, and you're good to go. 

Fix the HVLP Spray Gun Compressor Setup and Start Working

Once you select the paint you're going to use for this project, the next step would be arranging the setup of your air compressor. As you know, HVLP has that powerful turbine system that makes the equipment work. However, air compressors are still needed as they supply the air for the gun. 

Work your way and practice to see how high or low pressure you need to navigate the HVLP fully. Then, when you reach the suitable setup, remember it so that you'll know how much pressure to use when you start with your project. 

Clean Up the Area and the HVLP Spray Gun

When the work is done, you need to clean the area and the gun first while waiting for the wall to dry. Next, unlock the screws and soak the gun's parts into a lacquer to dissolve the chunks of paint that dried. After that step, dry them, screw back the pieces, and store them properly. That way, you can prevent possible deterioration of the tool.

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