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Sandblasting is a detailed process that requires the use of specialized media and reliable compressed air accessories. When working on projects that call for the use of sandblasters, it is important to have a complete set of pneumatic units like filters, regulators, and compressed air fittings to achieve convenience and safety during operations. Most sandblasting equipment is sold as a single unit and accessories are sold separately. Imagine the convenience of not having to spend time and money looking for compressed air accessories that do not match.

 With Pro Air Tools, every product we offer is well thought of so you can have as much advantage to getting ahead of your game. With our powerful bundled products, you can begin your work right away and finish in no time.

 Pro Air Tools’ Sandblasting bundle is a must-have. You'll be able to perform any sandblasting operation more efficiently and safely by using heavy-duty premium equipment with accessories that work well together. The bundle includes a Gravity and Siphon Feed Sandblaster Gun, a desiccant filter, and an air fittings kit to help you with connections and configurations that best suit your workshop demands! All these bundled products work well for optimal productivity in your workplace and can provide you with safe and reliable sandblasting activities. Imagine the possibilities with our sandblasting bundle!