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Media Valves are an essential part of any sandblaster. It allows you to adjust how much abrasive flow comes out. The design of the sandblaster will determine whether this component should be used with caution and care depending on what type of abrasive your sandblaster can support. If there's too little media inside the hopper, these valves can cause clogging and accidents like overflowing onto nearby work areas are likely to happen. So make sure you are using the right kind of sandblaster and abrasive for your projects.

 Luckily, portable sandblasters often come with adjustable knobs as media valves to help control airflow. It can be turned clockwise to allow higher media flow and counterclockwise to lower the flow or turn it off. It would be best to buy sandblaster guns with a built-in regulator for safety purposes and to achieve quality results.

 Some handy sandblasters come with manual adjustable valves so you can freely control how much media flow you need for specific jobs such as surface restoration, cleaning and glass etching. Make sure to always check out the instructions that came with your sandblaster to know how it works as sandblasters may differ in function according to how it is designed and manufactured.