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Sandblasters provide a very effective way of restoring objects and cleaning surfaces. Blasting the air and blasting material at high speeds is not only an effective way to remove unwanted substances from surfaces, but it can also do serious harm if aimed incorrectly or without proper protection. The operator may accidentally aim toward people nearby which could cause severe injuries, especially to the eyes and the lungs.

 When planning to perform any sandblasting activities, it is important to equip yourself with safety equipment or accessories. Large sandblasters may require a cabinet and a premium grade PPE or blasting suit with a proper respirator. For portable sandblasters, safety goggles, safety gloves, and a dust mask can be used to protect the operator from getting the eyes damaged from high-speed media blasting.

 The work area also matters. Make sure to perform any sandblasting operations away from people to avoid getting the particles inhaled. For the operator, make sure to wear all necessary safety equipment and accessories. When any discomfort is experienced such as eye irritation, respiratory problems, and more, make sure to inform your local health unit.