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Are you new to sandblasting or still planning to invest in one for your workshop? With all the many uses of sandblasters, the very purpose of this equipment is to remove any surface impurities to prepare for finishing like paint coating or just wanting to get areas or sections cleaned. Cleaning has never been this easy until sandblasters are developed and introduced. Regardless of what you want to work on, sandblasters are a perfect tool to treat surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals that can impact the environment.

 Now that you know what sandblasters are used for, you probably are wondering how hard or easy it is to use. The good news is that portable sandblasters are very easy to install and use. Apart from the sandblaster, you just need four things the most – an air compressor, an air hose, an inline filter, and an air regulator.

You may find some sandblaster does not fit directly to your air regulator attached after your sandblaster. A simple solution is to have a female connector that will serve as an adapter to connect your portable sandblaster via its quick connect accessory on one end, and the other end goes to your air accessory or air hose. It is an optional accessory that may not come with the sandblaster. A ¼-inch female connector is commonly used and should fit well with your sandblaster. Secure all connections with Teflon tape for perfect fit and no leaks. Once every part is connected, you are ready to enjoy sandblasting.