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Imagine a world where you could clean any surface with the push of your finger. A place free from dirty pathways and rusted fixtures, where every inch is shiny anew! A sandblaster is a futuristic-looking device that does just that - it removes all dirt in an instant using nothing but compressed air powered by sandblaster technology for use in any industry today.


We all know that pneumatic tools are one of the answers for anyone who can't get things done right away. Air tools make it possible to do many jobs in seconds that would otherwise take hours, even days! One important thing you should know before using one of these amazing tools though? Make sure your tool is compatible with air pressure requirements specifically for sandblasters so don’t try using an air compressor that does not match your sandblaster.


The amount of air pressure required for a given application will depend on the size and power requirements. For tools with portable compressors, typically between 0 - 5 CFM at 70-90 PSI or up to 10 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 100+ psi is needed when working around large areas; however, if you're operating more closely than 10 inches away from your work surface then 120 cfm can be achieved using higher pressures such as 130 PSI.


When selecting the air compressor for a portable sandblaster, you must carefully check the specification of the sandblaster and match it with the air compressor equipment you will use. Normally, handheld sandblasters require an airflow of 6-7 CFM and over with a motor power of 2 - 2.5 HP and above. You must use the right air compressor to avoid hazards during sandblasting. If unsure, always contact the manufacturer for technical guidance.