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Portable Soda Blaster Vs. Sandblaster

Working in various industry projects deals with the use of different cleaning methods  and preparation of the surface. Today, we will examine the differences between these methods, namely the Portable Soda Blaster and the Sandblaster. Although some people are already familiar with them,  an explicit comparison is worthwhile if you are a starter in using these tools. Learn more about their differences with a quick discussion below. 

The Difference Between Portable Soda Blaster Vs. Sandblaster

Cleaning or preparing surfaces for industrial coatings is not an easy task. While cleaning in general may seem simple, the application in this field is different. Hence, learning different convenient ways to achieve this is necessary. After that,  you will have to choose which works best for your need between the two primary methods, sandblasting or soda blasting. 

Sandblasting and soda blasting are both effective in many ways. However, these two have distinct differences that  one stands out in various factors. You will notice differences, whether it is about the cost, performance, usage, and environmental effects. Thus, some may be confused about what to choose in their application. It is why having a clear understanding of the differences between these two  is beneficial. Learn more about  the difference between using a portable soda blaster vs. sandblaster in detail. 


Every air tool is an investment, and you have to be wise when choosing one. When talking about the cost between portable soda blaster vs. sandblaster, soda blasting is a lot  more expensive. The materials used with this tool include a blast generator, blast hose, nozzle, compressed air, decontamination system, and more. On the other hand, sandblasting requires an air compressor and the use of a reliable portable sandblaster. Moreover, there are possible chances of reusing material, making it more cost-effective. 

While large sandblasting equipment may seem expensive, there are reliable and portable alternatives like portable gravity feed sandblaster and portable wet sandblasting equipment. 


The next question that should be asked is about performance. Which of the two works better? While both contribute convenience to users, it is undeniable how well-performing it is to use a portable sandblaster over a soda blaster when dealing with more robust materials. Whether you need to remove extreme rust stains from a material, using a portable sandblaster may be the best. Here, you will be using durable media that makes it more effective to remove and clean off paints or rust and smoothing the material for industrial coating preparation. Meanwhile, a soda blaster is ideal for removing weaker blemishes from surfaces. 


A sandblaster is an ideal tool to use when you are dealing with removing the grease from heavy machinery. . It specializes in the removal of anything stuck in the material.  Although  you could potentially use a soda blaster on this type of material, it only removes grease but not the paint, especially if it has not chipped yet. 

Environmental Effects

Both sandblaster and soda blaster contribute different environmental effects. A sandblaster uses biodegradable media such as walnut or coconut shells, which reduces environmental impact in the long run.. On the other hand, soda blasters are considerably more ecologically friendly. as they are  water-soluble, which will not build up in residential areas or soil.  

Portable Gravity Feed Sandblaster

Indeed, a portable gravity feed sandblaster with a portable sandblasting hose is the right choice to go with your projects. Like how Le Lematec Portable Sandblasters delivers, achieving quality, smooth and well-cleaned surfaces is easy. It  provides high flexibility and convenience of use, which means that workers will no longer have to deal with the difficulty of washing off years of grimes, grease, rust, or excess paint. It also provides the 2-in-1 function of gravity and siphon feed sandblasting, making it more handy to shift between two roles quickly. 

Moreover, its  excellent  auto-shutoff feature  helps avoid mishaps or accidents. Remember that while this air tool is helpful, it can also create damages when not used properly. Hence, preparing and wearing proper safety equipment is vital. It is also  crucial to understand how to use this tool carefully. Without adequate knowledge, regardless of how particular equipment is deemed reliable, you may still struggle with your process. That said, you would also need knowledgeable investment to handle the equipment properly. 

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