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How To Set Up Portable Sandblaster

Setting up your portable sandblaster requires proper handling and application. If you are a starter, learning How To Set Up Portable Sandblaster would help your working process. Use the quick and valuable tips below on how to set up one correctly. 

Tips on How To Set Up Portable Sandblaster

Are you planning to start your projects with a portable sandblaster? 

Using a portable sandblaster is a perfect tool for both professional and hobbyists. Instead of letting metal or other surfaces be eaten up by rusts, excess paints, or years of grease and grimes, having the right tool like a portable sandblaster is necessary. Now, when you already have this tool and are about to start or set up your portable sandblaster, you need to remember some tips to ensure a  smooth process flow. Learn all these with the quick tips on how to set up a portable sandblaster below. 

Check all the parts and components.

Before starting up your process, it is necessary to check all the parts and components for any damages. Sometimes, some workers tend to forget to check the equipment first and end up failing their project. The best way to prevent any setback is to conduct regular maintenance and keep your air tools and sandblaster clean after use. 

Place your air compressor on the ground level. 

As you work with your sandblaster and air compressor, always remember to place your air compressor on the ground level. It helps you keep your air compressor from debris and dust particles that may enter your system, which may damage your air tool and the process. Also, check whether the oil filters, lubrication system, and moisture separators are an excellent function to keep your system working efficiently. 

Be mindful of your air hose and layout as straight as possible.

As airflow is crucial when working with air compressors, sandblasters, and other air tools, your air hose plays a vital role in your working process. Make sure to keep your  air hose as straight as possible to ensure a steady stream of compressed air. It also prevents any possible bends or kinks that may cause damage and air leaks to your system.  

Make sure to connect the air hoses and fittings properly. 

Another thing to check is the air hose fittings. Securely connect the air hose fittings to prevent any air leaks and severe damages later on. Note not to over-tighten air hose connectors and carefully attach them as necessary.

Read and follow recommended manual procedures.

Whether you are a professional in the field, reading and following manual procedures is a must. There are PSI and CFM ratings you will need to follow to ensure a smooth working process with your air compressor and sandblasters.

Test the compressed air cleanliness.

Moreover, it is also crucial to check the cleanliness of your compressed air before starting with your sandblasting project. As many possible contaminants may enter your system and air tools, the quality of your project may be affected. Hence, conducting air cleanliness and pressure tests is helpful. 

Wear the proper safety equipment.

When setting up your portable sandblaster, it is always a given  to wear the proper safety equipment. More than anything else, your safety and people in the working environment are your priority. You will never know what might happen along the process, so protecting yourself from possible hazards is necessary. You will need the proper safety equipment, including safety clothes, goggles, head protection, mask, gloves, and other more essential items. 

Using Le Lematec Portable Sandblaster For Various Applications

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