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Air regulators are important part of a compressed air system. Its reliability and effectivity depends on the quality of the compressed air regulators and its purpose or function within your compressed air system. It is always best to know what to look for in an air regulator and how it will work for your compressed air needs.

The following are general rules and things to consider when selecting air regulators for your compressed air system:

1. Know the minimum and maximum air pressure needed for your compressed air system, air compressor, air tools and the project you are working on. Most air regulators can support up to 150 PSI. Choose an air regulator that can support up to 200 PSI for longer use and flexibility.

2. Note the pipe size for the air line. Regular air regulators have ¼” male and female inlets while some are ½” and ⅜” inlets. Knowing your pipe size will help determine the right air regulator to use. Adapters are also available in case your favorite brand and product of the air regulator comes with the air inlet size that is not compatible with your pipeline.

3. Go for the compressed air regulator that is easy to install and use. Complicated air regulators will not bring you convenience and can even affect the way you manage your compressed air system. Analog air regulators are considered to be very accurate.

4. Choose the air regulator with big pressure gauge display for easy reading and big control valve for easy adjustment.

5. Lastly, choose units that are from the best brands like Lematec air regulator for reliability and accuracy.