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There are varieties of compressed air water oil separator for different purposes. From plant operations to DIY works, air filters are highly demanded. It is mainly regarded as the certain things have to be considered if you want to pick the best fit for your compressed air system. Keeping these in mind will land you to the page of the right compressed air filter for your workshop.


1. Know the purpose.

Your purpose matters and that is how you identify the perfect filter for your job. Most of the time, professionals and hobby enthusiasts use compressed air water separators for spray painting for auto painting, DIY painting, wall painting and more. Other large-scale work environments such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, industrial and construction also use compressed inline filters to achieve even air pressure and air output.

2. Know the brand.

Learning the brand is also a tough thing to consider. Before giving off money on a product, it is always recommended that you check on the brand and the line of products they have expertise on. If they sell many pneumatic products, then they must be the one for you.

3. Know the price.

Not all quality compressed air, water and oil separators are expensive. It also depends on customer experience. Some quality air filters come in reasonable prices and that is what you need to look out for.

4. Know the quality.

Lastly, knowing the quality of every purchased product is most important. Investing in crappy and cheap products will bring you inconvenience in the future. If you want to make sure, check on the brand and its standing in the market.