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Compressor Spray Paint Gun

When working with air tools such as Compressor Spray Paint Gun, limited knowledge may cost you time and expensive damages. Whether you are using a simple spray gun or HVLP ones, it is crucial to dig deeper and understand how each works, things to prepare, and how you can start your project. Let us get into more detail in understanding the importance of spray gun preparation below. 

Importance of Spray Gun Proper Setup and Preparation

Are you aiming for an excellent spray output for work at first-time? Well, you have to be aware of the things you need to prepare. From spray gun setup and preparation to actual work application, there is so much to consider. Hence, make sure to familiarize yourself with how vital proper spray gun setup is and the process of preparation.

Imagine jumping into an actual spray application without adequately preparing the air compressor, air compressor accessories, spray gun, and the surface itself. You will surely be in trouble along the process, and your project will suffer. While some professionals may seem very experienced in their work, going through some reviews of the do's and don'ts or proper application is still necessary. As for the hobbyists, the appropriate process and setup of spray gun preparation is an excellent step toward successful paint application. That way, problems, and damages are avoided as possible.

Things to Prepare for the Setup of Compressor Spray Paint Gun

Like any other air tool tasks, working with a compressor spray paint gun requires preparation and setup. With speed advantages compared to other tools for spraying, the compressor spray paint gun is indeed a game-changer. Not only will you get a uniform paint application, but you can save time for work as well. However, it is only achievable when you follow the proper process and prepare the things you need accordingly.

Now, what are those things you need for the setup of your compressor spray paint gun? Well, these things involve air compressor, air compressor filter, air hose, coating containers, and of course, the best compressor spray paint gun suitable for your work application. If you are working on a spray paint project for the first time, these things are a must for you to familiarize yourself. Let us dig deeper into these things below. 

Air Compressor

First things first, you need a reliable air compressor to supply compressed air to your spray gun. When operating your air compressor, make sure you understand your air tool's PSI and CFM requirements. The PSI requirements of most spray guns are around 90-100 PSI while requiring about 10-15 CFM. You will notice some common parts on your air compressors: the air receiver tank, oil separator, and drainer. 

Air Compressor Filter

Always keep in mind that you need to maintain clean and safe compressed air when working with your air compressor. Hence, an air compressor filter setup is necessary. Dealing with different sorts of contaminants is not easy, as these are tiny particles you cannot control or prevent without a reliable air compressor accessory. 

Air Hose

Before starting your project with a compressor spray paint gun, ensure you have proper air tool hose connectors, and all the air hose fittings are free from air leaks to avoid potential damage. The length of your air hose must be suitable enough for your application, and avoid using too short or too long of size. The air hose length can affect the flow of compressed air before getting into your air tool. 

Coating Containers

Depending on the spray gun you use, you will need coating containers to deliver your paint application. Whether you are into larger projects or small ones, having an economical means to supply coating on your project is necessary. 

HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

Now, to complete your spray gun painting project, having the best spray gun is advantageous. One of which is the HVLP spray gun, an item that can help you finish your painting job as excellent and quickly as possible. Whether your project is automotive or wall painting, spray guns like the ones from Le Lematec are a perfect choice. The outstanding features you can get are the easy to clean nozzle, environment-friendly, fully calibrated knobs for the best paint application, and robust stainless steel nozzle. Say goodbye to backaches or sore knees as your painting process becomes more quick and easy with HVLP spray guns. 

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