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Every worker aims for quality output when working with an air compressor system. Thus, keeping the compressed air clean and pure is necessary to ensure excellent results with your air tools. However, without a reliable Air Compressor Filter and Dryer setup, preventing contaminants may be tricky and challenging. Discover and learn why and what you need to secure for a proper air compressor preparation in this discussion below. 

Air Compressor Filter Dryer: Drying Your Air Compressor

Using an air compressor to work with various air tools is powerful. However, work success is not guaranteed by just plugging it on the outlet alone. It requires proper preparation, setup and must be free from contaminants such as water, dirt, or oil. That said, an air compressor filter dryer is crucial to keep the air compressor dry and suitable for each work application.

If it is your first time working on your compressor, keep in mind that clean and dry air is necessary for the best result. Whether you are using one for coating, or auto painting, this step applies. Even if you use other air tools, having clean, pure, and dry air helps you finish your task as excellent as possible. Hence, every worker needs a proper air compressor filter and dryer setup and correct compressor air filter assembly to ensure its success. Make sure to assess as well compressor filter accessories you plan to buy and their suitability to your compressor system. Don't forget to develop a maintenance schedule to keep your system in good condition every after use. 

Common Questions You Need to Know about Proper Air Compressor Filter and Dryer Setup

Air compressor filter and dryer setup play a significant role in every compressor system. Like any other air compressor accessories, it keeps your system from potential damages, particularly contaminants. If you aim for high-quality work with your air tools, having this is a must. These are more than just an air compressor accessory, but an essential item for every compressor system.

To ensure you are using your compressor system the right way, you need to understand things about it very deeply. Providing a proper air compressor filter and dryer setup can only be handy when you know what affects an air compressor's performance, why you should remove contaminants, and how to eliminate them. These are common questions that can guide you when working with your compressor system. Let us discover and review these questions in more detail below. 

What affects the air compressor's performance?

First, let us go over what affects the air compressor's performance when working with various air tools. One of the significant factors that affect your compressor system is contaminants. These may be water, dirt, and oil, which are undeniably troublesome when you leave as it is. But why do contaminants always present in every compressor system?

Unfortunately, contaminants such as water, dirt, and oil will always come your way as you work with your air compressor and air tools. The dirt contaminants or any solid particles in the air alone are present everywhere. Meanwhile, due to oil blow-by in your system, oil contaminants become present. The most difficult one is water contaminants; thus, humidity plays a significant factor in your system. These are damaging, which you need to prevent as early as possible to ensure safe, pure, and clean compressed air during application. 

Why do contaminants need to be removed?

Knowing how contaminants can affect your air tool application requires preventing and removing them for efficient and productive work. Allowing them to stay and enter into your system is like leaving potential damages to eat up your air tool. As for painting work, air contaminants may travel into the spray gun, and when heated, can cause issues such as "fisheyes" during paint application. Contaminants also affect productivity as the process takes longer than usual since the operator needs to redo work because of poor output. Hence, if you aim for more quality work, ensure precision and prevent contaminants with the right air compressor filter and dryer setup. 

How to eliminate those contaminants? 

Fortunately, there are many ways and devices you can use to eliminate contaminants mentioned above. These are refrigerated dryers, air compressor water and trap filter, desiccant air dryer, and more. When choosing one, make sure to understand your work requirement to find the most suitable item to eliminate contaminants during your application.

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