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Automotive painting requires both skills and, of course, the right tools to achieve optimum results. Today, many car painters are using highly efficient spray guns to ensure a smooth and faster painting process. A skillful painter with the right spray gun is definitely the right recipe for an excellent paint job. It's also worth mentioning that an incredible paint job would be impossible if you don't do proper surface preparation and cleaning first. However, not all spray guns are suitable for every application. You should invest in a spray gun that matches your job. And for your automotive business, be it small or big, choosing the Best Automotive HVLP Spray Gun is a must.

Why Need an HVLP Spray Gun for Automotive Painting

Whether you need to buy a new HVLP spray gun for personal or business use, you always have to consider the kind of material you're spraying before choosing the right gun for you. Understanding the product and what's needed to apply that product is essential. Oftentimes, problems can be attributed to not knowing the fundamentals of selecting the proper tools for the spraying product. Also, considering an auto spray gun cleaner is also an important factor to consider.

In most cases, HVLP spray guns are used for different types of painting jobs. In fact, many automotive shop owners and DIY-ers agree that using a spray gun filter is more convenient, cost-effective compared to using conventional painting tools. They are more powerful, and the paint can be easily applied to the surface without needing a second round of coating.  In automotive painting, where steel exteriors are the common surfaces to be painted, HVLP spray guns are the best tools to use. They will not just leave a smooth and flawless finish, but they will also save you from spending more on paints. 

Additionally, when you already have the best HVLP automotive spray gun, you should also consider a suitable nozzle for your tool for optimum performance. Commonly, the air requirements for a particular small spray gun can range from 2 or 3 CFM. On the other hand, a typical gravity-feed or siphon feed spray gun can range as much as 18 CFM. Hence, choosing your spray gun system basically depends on your job needs and requirements.

3 Benefits of Using an Automotive HVLP Spray Gun

In this ever-changing world, running your auto painting career will require the use of an HVLP spray gun. This technology offers a wide range of benefits compared to traditional high-pressure paint guns. Aside from contributing to faster and cost-effective painting processes, HVLP spray guns also offer improvements to the overall safety of painting professionals during the applications.

Here are the top 3 benefits that set HVLP spray guns apart from other tools out there:

1. HVLP Guns Prevents Overspray

One of the most significant benefits of using HVLP guns is getting a paint job done with less paint needed. This is because they have less overspray, in which excess paint accumulates around the surface being sprayed. That said, automotive painters don't have to spend more time using solvents and other paint-removing tools to remove the extra paints on the car surface. Having to save time, money, and effort is an excellent point for professional HVLP automotive spray guns. So make sure to get these specialized painting tools for your automotive painting center now.

2. HVLP Guns Offer Better Transfer Efficiency

Aside from not spraying excess paint onto the car surface, HVLP spray guns also offer great "transfer efficiency." This refers to the amount of paint shot out of the spray gun. With the help of high-volume low-pressure features, the paint being sprayed will not bounce back off a car surface. Unlike typical high-pressure guns with an approximately 25% transfer efficiency rate, HVLP spray guns can have as much as 65%.

3. HVLP Guns are Very Safe to Use

Any application that includes paints provides a high risk to worker's health, specifically in breathing. Whether you use high-pressure or other types of spray guns, a cloud of very tiny paint droplets is released in the air, causing danger to the lungs when inhaled. This can trigger asthma and other lung-related diseases that, when taken for granted, results in a more serious problem or even death. Hence, auto painters should wear a proper breathing system or mask when working. Luckily, HVLP spray guns blast less paint into the air than other pressurized spray guns do. But, of course, standard warnings and safety protocols must still be applied. Make sure to work on a well-ventilated space when using an HVLP gun.

Get the Best HVLP Spray Gun for Your Automotive Painting

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