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Top 5 Automotive Spray Guns

Nowadays, finding the best spray guns for latex paint can be difficult. Although most of us can now go out and enjoy the freedom of what once was thanks to COVID, some of us still have to resort to online shopping in order to acquire the tools that they need. But then again, acquiring an automotive spray gun for your workshop needs doesn’t always have to be as difficult as it seems; multiple companies have released different automotive spray guns that can help you streamline your process by tenfold. Want to learn more about these? Read more down below! 

Why use an automotive spray gun?

Automotive spray guns, more commonly known HVLP or High Volume, Low Pressure spray guns are primarily used to carefully apply a thin layer of paint on a vehicle or a surface. These handy tools are the best when your workshop lacks a tool that can effectively paint all kinds of surfaces, not just your car. 

There are lots of them that can be found online or on your local hardware stores - but that doesn’t mean that you should just buy whichever one that may take your fancy! Not all HVLP Guns are the same. Some of them are made more expensive than the rest, while offering little to nothing when it comes to their capabilities. We find it as our moral duty to outline and give you a basic rundown on the 5 best automotive spray guns so that you wouldn't have a difficult time if you’re out in the market looking for one!

An industry standard in their own right, Le Lematec’s HVLP Spray guns are sure to be the best ones that you can find in today’s market! These spray guns are sure to give you the best value for money, as they’re also robust and also reduce the amount of overspray as well! 

  •  PRNGTEEN HVLP Spray Gun

Lacking the budget? Worry not - as the PRNGTEEN HVLP Spray Guns are there for you! These guns are the cheapest alternative that you can find in the market - but don’t take that as a bad thing. These are incredibly robust and budget-friendly HVLP guns are THE ones to buy if you don’t have the appropriate budget to get one. 

  •  Campbell Spray Gun Kit

For beginners to the field that wants to have a little bit of everything, then buying the Campbell Spray Gun Kit would be your best bet. The Campbell Spray Gun Kit automatically comes with all the bits and the bobs that you’d need in order to secure a job well done on your next automotive painting job. The price may be a bit steep, but it’s all worth it for what this simple tool can do to help you. 

  •  Astro Pneumatic Spray Guns

If you’re more of a professional that wants pinpoint painting precision above all else, then the Astro Pneumatic Spray gun might be the one that you’ve been looking for! These spray guns are made by professionals for professionals - meaning that these are probably the most complicated spray guns that are on the list. These spray guns are sure to provide you with an excellent application if you’re fully aware of what you’d be doing. But otherwise, newbies should stay away from these, as it can be too much to handle especially if it’s your first time. 

  • REXBETI High Power Electric Gun

The curveball of this list comes at the final number, as the REXBETI High Power Electric Gun is electrically powered, unlike almost all of the aforementioned ones that are air-powered. That makes it that much cheaper to buy and maintain, all while retaining the functionality that all spray guns are known for, 

The Bottom line:

In the end, it doesn’t matter which one of these five would be the one for you - all of them have different aspects that make them stand out from the rest. From Le Lematec’s durability, to the Astro’s pinpoint precision, these are all factors that are more than worthy of receiving your recognition. In the end, these five are the basic shortlist of what you need in order to make your paint application that much easier. 

Get the best automotive spray gun with the help of Le Lematec!

Although if you’d want a spray gun that brings all of the advantages of all those tools with none of the consequences, then Le Lematec’s HVLP spray gun is what you’re looking for! This is the best spray gun for latex paint that you can find by a long mile. Its robust properties mixed with providing less overspray when it comes to your paint application makes it the best one out there. 

Want to secure one for your workshop? Then you wouldn’t have to worry - as Le Lematec’s website offers much more than just their excellent HVLP Spray Guns! Their wide array of available tools are sure to make your workshop that much more convenient. Why not visit their website now to learn more about what they have to offer?