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Oil-Water Separator Filter For Air Compressor

An air compressor without an air filter or water separator is like going to a construction site without a hard hat on. . Air filter and Oil-Water Separator Filter for Compressor is necessary to protect your air tools from damages. Without these accessories, you will have to face several losses along with risking to shorten the lifespan of your equipment.  Thus, it is a must to invest  to protect the most vital tool and continue your work process. Learn what to consider and things to remember about the air compressor separator filter in the below discussion. 

What to Consider When Buying Air Compressor Water Separator and Air Filter

As an essential air compressor accessory, air compressor water separator and air filter needs to be carefully assessed before purchase.  A reliable, durable, and well-made air filter helps achieve a quality output as much as  possible. However, finding the correct item will always pose challenges without the proper guide and knowledge. Hence, it is best to conduct thorough research to know  what to look for when purchasing one.

Before purchasing. make sure to properly check  at the drain type, bowl quality, load capacity, and material. These are just some of the main factors to consider to ensure you get the correct item for your requirement. As for the drain type, you may choose between manual, semi-manual, or automatic. Note how essential drain is for oil-water separator filter for air compressor. It keeps your compressor system and pneumatic tools running efficiently. 

Next is the bowl quality. It is ideal for getting one that can withstand extreme pressure and run smoothly. It is best to assess the standard pressure that would match the required load capacity.  Remember that regardless of how best you think the separator or filter is, it will be for nothing  if it cannot handle your compressor load. Lastly, make sure to check the materials used and ensure it is durable and reliable enough to hold your work operations.

Things to Remember When Using Oil-Water Separator Filter for Air Compressor

Now that you understand how to ensure the best oil-water separator filter for air compressors, there are still some  things you still need to remember. Your responsibility as the operator continues up to the proper maintenance and handling. It is to lengthen its lifespan, keep its function and ensure high-quality results. While this may seem already familiar to you, it is still best to review these things regularly to remind you of what you need to do. Find out more about what to remember when using an oil-water separator filter for air compressors below. 

Maintain and change the filter as necessary.

Some people kept asking if they needed to change their air compressor filters. The  change of air compressor filter varies in different factors. However, it is challenging to tell the exact time to change your air compressor filter. As part of your maintenance, you need to keep your air compressor filter clean and in good condition at all times. Replacing your filters would depend on your usage, as damages may occur if  To ensure you are on the right track, make sure to conduct regular check-ups and maintenance to prevent any damages or replace immediately the parts needed.

Keep a good quality oil-water separator filter for the air compressor.

As mentioned above, an oil-water separator filter for the air compressor is necessary. Many water and oil contaminants may enter your compressor system and possibly damage your air tools and production as a whole. When these two are mixed, , the damages may occur in no time. If this continues, you will end up spending costly repairs or replacements. Hence, ensure to keep a good quality one when working with your air compressor and air tools. 

Be mindful of the port size.

Another thing to consider  is the port size. Note that the port size of the input and output of the filter should  match with your air compressor and air tools. It is to ensure you will get to connect and install it properly. Fortunately, most oil-water separator filters for air compressor matches and is compatible with any air compressor and air tools. With that in mind,  be mindful of checking the port size before buying to ensure you get the correct one for your system. 

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