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HVLP Spray Gun Setup

Every one of us has a dream house, including interior design, furniture, and paint colors. However, back then, with only a limited budget, things may not turn out well. Professional fees for the painting of walls alone may cost you a lot. Thankfully, HVLP spray guns started to launch achieving the best interior paint colors and output has become more convenient. Learn more about the perks of using one and the basics of HVLP Spray Gun Setup below.

Using an Interior Spray Paint Gun

One of the most exciting home improvement activities is restoring your home with new wall paintings and such. Every homeowner wants to have a bright and refreshing look which requires money and time to complete. Some would hire a team of professionals to do the painting work, while some would prefer doing it themselves. Fortunately, using an interior spray paint gun helps achieve perfect and excellent paint results. Whether you are a DIYer or a professional in the field, you can efficiently complete a task by simply following the right guide and learning how the equipment works.

Why choose an HVLP interior spray paint gun over other traditional tools? Using one is advantageous when it comes to uniformity, time-saving, smooth, and finished results. While paint rollers and brushes remain helpful today, using an HVLP spray gun setup can take your project to the next level. Instead of standing for long hours and tiring strokes of paint, you can finish your painting project with convenience, automatic, and efficiency with a spray gun. 

The Basics of HVLP Spray Gun Setup

But before starting any spray gun projects, note that there are things you need to learn and understand. While an HVLP spray gun setup seems easy to use, it can be troublesome when misused and unprepared. Even if you have the best paint spray gun from Amazon or other sites, you may still encounter problems without correctly understanding its usage. Thus, it is crucial to learn the basics and follow the instructions stated in the manual for best performance.

Even the professionals sometimes overlook and forget the basics; hence hobbyists should also be attentive to what to do when working with high-pressure spray guns. It includes the proper practice, selecting the best pressure setting, distance from the surface, and more. Review the basics of HVLP spray gun setup using the list below. 

Start practicing first.

Cliche as it may sound, but practice makes perfect. If you wish to achieve the best output possible, it is helpful to start practicing how to use a spray gun, test it on a practice area, and see if the settings have matched your desired results. It also helps take necessary actions in case there is difficulty in paint release or atomization. If it is a first-time use, it may take you some time to become comfortable using one and applying spray patterns and techniques. You will also familiarize yourself with installing your spray gun through manuals and learn the safety precautions needed.

Select the best pressure setting.

Another crucial thing every spray gun user should learn is selecting the best pressure setting. To do so, use the pressure control knob on your spray gun and adjust the recommended pressure setting for the best application. Remember how pressure plays a vital role in the process; thus, setting it is necessary. When you try to spray paint from a spray gun, and there are no runs, you are now ready for delivering a smooth application. 

Properly trigger the spray gun.

Now, when everything is ready, and you are about to start your project, ensure to trigger the spray gun properly. Some first-timers tend to make mistakes of spraying excessive materials and may have been releasing the trigger improperly. To avoid one, make sure to hold the spray gun at the right angle and keep the gun moving before pulling the trigger and as you release it. 

Keep your distance consistent. 

When using an HVLP spray gun, your distance from a surface also plays a crucial role in achieving quality paint application. Working too close or too far from the surface may affect your painting quality; hence ensure to position your distance consistently. Allot a 12 inches distance from a surface and move your spray gun at the proper motion for the best application. 

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