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Best Professional HVLP Spray Gun

Both professionals and hobbyists can easily achieve high-quality paint results with the use of the Best Professional HVLP Spray Gun. Aspiring hobbyists would  only need to learn the basics, spraying techniques and get a reliable spray gun to use. Working like a pro becomes easier if you have the proper knowledge and equipment. Discover more about getting the best one, paint mistakes you may encounter, and ways to avoid all those in this discussion below. 

Are You Using the Best Professional HVLP Spray Gun?

Choosing the best quality HVLP spray guns nowadays has become challenging as there are  numerous items out in the market—all spray guns battles in price and quality, which requires buyers to conduct research and assessment thoroughly. If you are buying a spray gun for the first time, it is helpful to learn different factors and features to consider as a starting guide.

Each spray gun comes in different features and uses various materials on paint spray gun parts; hence, you must carefully understand your work requirement. Buying a random low-priced spray gun may be a way to spend less money, but not a perfect way to ensure the best quality. Before deciding which one to buy, make sure that you are familiar with its offers and if its function relates  to its price, if it is indeed worth investing in or not. Some of the best features you can look into are the quality of nozzle, environment-friendly functions, and thoroughly calibrated knobs for the best applications. These are just like what Le Lematec 1.4 mm HVLP Paint Spray Gun offers in the market. Adding perfection to any painting project has become manageable with this spray gun, which every user enjoys and seeks. 

Common Paint Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them

Now, buying the best spray gun alone does not guarantee the complete best application. You will also need to be mindful of your spraying patterns and techniques. After all, you will be the one operating the spray gun, and its motion relies on how you position yourself while spraying. 

Dealing with paint mistakes is troublesome, especially if you are working on a DIY project or professional automotive paint job.. There may be cracking, runs and sags, fish eyes, and orange peel, which will leave you disappointed. Fortunately, these problems are fixable with the proper understanding of how to avoid all these as possible. Learn more about these common mistakes below, which even the best professional HVLP spray gun may encounter. 


One cause of cracking is due to insufficient surface preparation. There might be imperfections on a surface you would like to spray, and avoiding it may cause more cracking as you proceed. Before starting your project, make sure to clean the surface and ensure that there are no more imperfections or existing cracks present in the surface material. You also have used improper hardeners or reducers during the application. The best way to avoid this is to follow the instructions stated and recommended in the manual. Low-quality materials will definitely have an unfavorable effect on the surface material. 

Runs and Sags

You may also encounter runs and sags when there is too much material flow or an HVLP automotive spray gun tilted at the wrong angle. This is why proper holding of a handheld spray gun is crucial when working on the surface material. Also, make sure to adjust the pressure setting to suitable and reduce it when necessary. Make sure also to apply light coats and learn spraying techniques for the best application. 

Fish Eyes

Fish eyes are small craters in a circle that spreads in the surface material after paint application. This may be due to contamination from grease, oil, or water used. It may appear during or after the process, which is indeed disappointing to see. Make sure to prepare the surface before applying any paint. If the problem has occurred already while the paint is still wet, get a solvent to remove it, use a fish-eye eliminator and reapply the paint material properly.

Orange Peel

Excessive film thickness, poor technique, and improper use of spray guns are some of the causes of orange peel paint mistakes. These practices deliver a paint output that resembles the appearance of orange peel, which is not as smooth and finished as it may look. To avoid this mistake, make sure to use a proper reducer, apply good paint patterns and technique, and use an appropriate pressure setting. 

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