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Portable Sandblasting Spray Gun

Industrial spray using sandblasters works with a wide range of applications such as painting, removing stains, and putting primers on a particular surface. Today, sandblasting is one of the most common and highly effective methods when it comes to cleaning and surface maintenance. You can instantly restore your old rustic car’s frame by striking grains of sand at a very high speed with the help of compressed air. Also, if you want to prepare your old working tools by applying some treatment and coating protection such as paints and make them brand new, Portable Sandblasting Spray Gun is a perfect companion. Amazingly, there’s a wide range of blasting prep applications suited that you can use on your daily working requirements or future home projects. Whether you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective way of cleaning, stripping paint, deburring, or putting some unique etching and fine finishing, you can always rely on a powerful gun like sandblasters.

Why Turn to Sandblasting?

Sandblasting or also known as abrasive blasting, is a popular industrial technology that provides absolute support and solutions to many working professionals. A complete sandblasting system includes components including the air source, the dust collector, the sandblasting cabinet, and the blasting media. The powerful air source that is used to operate a sandblaster is called an “air compressor,” which utilizes air to produce blasting effects. The sandblasting cabinet is the one that holds the surface being blasted, while the dust collector works on removing dust from it. And of course, the blasting media is composed of sand grains, beads, steel grits, or other types of abrasive materials. This specialized blasting equipment provides users with efficient, great control, and uniform coverage on any surfaces.

Advantages You Can Get With Portable Sandblasting Spray Gun 

A portable pressure sandblast system can be a perfect addition to your overall decision. It effectively allows abrasives and other blasting media to penetrate into the deepest area or part of a surface. Portable air pressure blasters come in many sizes and features for better and easier task accomplishments. You can freely choose the length of the hose depending on your needs and requirements. Below are some of the advantages of sandblasting we have summarized for your information.

Instant Cleaning Features

Traditional abrasive blasting is indeed a messy process. Mostly, you really have to deal with embedded contaminants such as abrasive particles, grease, and oils in the substrates during the surface prepping procedures. But a portable sandblasting spray gun can completely eliminate those issues with its reliable cleaning features. Thus, you can save more time while ensuring the quality of every output.

No Pre-Cleaning Required

Unlike other types of rust cleaners and other surface cleaners, using sandblasters means you don’t have to do pre-cleaning. There are instances where you need to exert your full effort in finishing a particular cleaning task. For example, there are tools or wall surface projects where the coating is covered with disgusting grease, rust, dirt, or other contaminants. But not until sandblasters came into place. No need to clean everything before you start the blasting process. 

Promotes Worker Safety

In every working task, it’s always important to guarantee safety at all times. And that’s what portable sandblasters aim to provide their users. This is especially true if you use materials with pure sodium bicarbonate, which is not toxic to the human body despite unintended ingestion, skin contact, or inhalation. Besides, you don’t need to worry about fire or sudden explosion since no electricity is required. 

Safe and Environmental Friendly

A workplace with a safe and secured environment adds to the overall benefits of utilizing a sandblaster. It comes with non-toxic materials that can provide operators and other employees free from hazardous chemicals and other pollutants. The typical products used in sandblasting have been proven by experts to be safe if inhaled compared to other conventional coatings and cleaning products.

Wide Range of Applications

You need a versatile cleaning tool that you can effectively use in different types of applications. Sandblasters utilize substances like sodium bicarbonate, which has no harmful effects on human health. So if you’re a cleaning professional that wants to invest in a worthy tool, there’s nothing better than a portable sandblaster. 

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