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Indoor Sandblasting Project

Restoration and cleaning projects are both the specialty of sandblaster gun kits. Although, it can be tricky, especially if you have an enclosed area for that job. Dust, abrasives, and other particles can circulate the area and can pose dangerous health hazards to the people around you and yourself as well. That’s why having preventive measures is a must to ensure a safe indoor sandblasting project. 

Indoor sandblasting; safe or not?

It is a risk for anyone to do sandblasting tasks in an enclosed area. That is due to the system of how a sandblaster functions. A handheld sandblaster or any small sandblaster usually runs via gravity-feed with the help of accessories like a compressor and a regulator. These attachments help maintain the air pressure that pushes the sandblasting media out of the gun onto the surface you are working on. 

However, even though the user points the sandblaster to a particular surface, abrasives can still float in the air due to high air pressure. Thus, leaving them scattered all over your work area. That’s why planning ahead of time is a must to prevent problems arising like health issues.

Preparations you need to consider before sandblasting

Even though complications are to be expected, practicing safety is vital and must be practiced often. Inhalation of such materials is detrimental to your health, which is why sandblasting with caution is necessary. In that way, you can do the job efficiently without worrying about your health. Check out the list below on how you can practice safe indoor sandblasting. 

Prep your work area

Sandblasting at an area without many openings can be questionable since materials are just circulating inside the room. However, that situation can also be a good thing. You can clean up the area much faster as you know where to find all of the particles from the blasting tasks. 

However, that will only be possible with this first tip. Prepping your work area like laying out a wide piece of cloth on your workstation is helpful. Doing this step can help you easily collect the abrasives after you accomplish the task. Furthermore, you can ensure that all of the materials from this task won’t stick on your walls or other parts of the room you are working on because of the blanket you used for cover.

Select the best hand held sandblaster

Now that your working area is fully prepared, getting the best hand held sandblaster is a must-have. A handheld sandblaster is ideal for indoor sandblasting because of its portable feature. Working in an enclosed area means that there’s not much space and using such a tool can help you fulfill the job faster and efficiently. 

This type of sandblaster is perfect as it is cordless, meaning not powered by electricity. Unlike others, most handheld sandblasters like what Lematec offers are powered by gravity. It runs smoothly and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor blasting activities as there’s no need to plug the tool. 

Choose Sandblasting Media

In terms of sandblasting media, it is necessary to identify what kind you should use for the job. Aside from the aforementioned fact that inhaling them can be harmful to you, knowing what’s best to accomplish the task should also be considered.

There are several types of abrasives that you can use and fill your sandblaster with. One of which is the glass beads. This particular abrasive is one of the best and eco-friendly to use. The user can reuse it multiple times, which lessens your expenses and still be effective. Also, it decreases your probability of respiratory problems, unlike other abrasives. 

Protect yourself

Even though the glass beads abrasive lessens the risk of contracting respiratory illnesses, it is still essential to use gears for protection while doing the job. Please take note of the following and make sure to wear them first before you begin sandblasting.

  1. Helmet with glasses
  2. Protective clothing, including gloves
  3. Boots or safety shoes
  4. Ear protection

 All of these gears should be worn until you finish cleaning up your workstation to ensure safety and prevent health risks.

Operating the best hand held sandblaster

Now that you practice safety by using protective gear and a well-prepped working area, accomplishing the job done without hassle is possible. Blast away and operate flawlessly until you’re satisfied with the finish of the surface you are working on.

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