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Spray Gun Nozzle Set

Selecting the suitable tip size for your Spray Gun Nozzle Set is not easy without identifying the relevant factors to consider. Each job application would require the use of different tip sizes, and so the type of spray gun you will use. To ensure successful paint application, you need the appropriate tip size, best kind of spray gun, and knowledge on how these things work. Discover and learn more about quality spray guns and tips on selecting the best tip size for your spray gun nozzle below. 

Choosing between Siphon or Gravity Feed Spray Gun

If you have been into spray guns for a long time, you would understand the battle when selecting between or gravity-feed spray guns. Some find it difficult to choose between the two, making it a challenging task for everyone, not just starters. An excellent way to decide which of the two works better is to identify your work application and match the functions. 

Siphon-feed spray guns were the standard right up HVLP spray guns has appeared into the market. These are good for specialized coatings and thinner works, making a suitable spray gun to use. It has a traditional spray gun design, making it easier to use, especially if you are an old-school painter. Meanwhile, many prefer gravity-feed spray guns, given their numerous advantages over siphon-feed ones. It requires low pressure to atomize the paint, making it efficient and convenient to use for every paint application. Users also have more control in adjusting pressure settings and avoid overspray as possible. Gravity-feed spray guns are also easy to clean, deliver a better quality finish, and are versatile to use.

Tips on Selecting the Spray Gun Nozzle Set

As much as assessing different factors to consider when buying an HVLP handheld spray gun is crucial, you also need to be careful when selecting the tip size of the spray gun nozzle set. Your spray gun nozzle plays a significant role in achieving the best output possible. Also, note that your work requirement may require different tip sizes of spray gun nozzle, thus paying attention to it is a must.

But how can you ultimately decide what tip size to best use for your paint application? Is it alright to choose anything at random and use whatever available? If that is the case, it is undeniably tricky when you are used to guessing games. But knowing the correct process to follow can help you  quickly identify the best tip size you need for your spray gun nozzle set. Learn the simple guide on how to select the correct tip size for your spray gun below. 

Examine the coat you will be spraying.

First things first, make sure to examine the coat you'd like to spray. If you deal with heavier coatings, you will need a larger tip of the spray gun nozzle. Ideally, you can use a tip size of about 1.7mm or 1.8mm if you wish to prime most surfaces material. Generally, some prefer to use a tip size of about 1.2 to 2mm and use other tip sizes unless the work requires a specialized application. You can also determine the correct tip size to use by referring to the suggested tip size chart. 

Consider project surface area. 

Project surface area also plays a significant factor when choosing the tip size of a spray gun nozzle. By considering your project surface area, you will identify the fan width that your spray gun can produce. If you are working on large surfaces, then a wide fan will help you provide a quality output as the coverage increases. Meanwhile, small surface areas will require a small fan to help lessen overspray, making a best-finished product. 

Consider the spray gun you plan to use.

When selecting a tip size for the spray gun nozzle, the spray gun you plan to use also matters. Whether you are using a gravity spray gun kit or other types of spray guns, it is crucial to ensure that the tip size will fit on those. Don't worry, as most manufacturers include the recommended tip size to use on each for quick and easy selection. Make sure to follow instructions on the manual to avoid trouble and difficulty when using one. 

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