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HVLP Spray Gun For Latex Paint

Choosing paint material to use with an HVLP spray gun can also get complicated; it only becomes easier when you know and understand your goal for using one. Learn in this section when using an HVLP Spray Gun for Latex Paint is ideal and the things you need to remember as you start. 

Is HVLP Spray Gun Ideal for Spraying Latex Paint?

If you wish to apply the proper coatings and achieve high-quality paint output on a surface, then using an HVLP spray gun is the best choice. Given how you can easily adjust pressure settings according to your requirement, working with an HVLP spray gun is undeniably convenient. 

However, within that lies another question: When it comes to using a particular type of paint like latex paint, would an HVLP spray gun be suitable as well?

Before using an HVLP spray gun for latex paint, it is crucial to identify your purpose. Choosing the right paint type for your requirement also plays a significant factor in achieving a specific result. Using an HVLP spray gun is ideal for spray latex paint when you aim to achieve the best and quality finished coloring on trims or cabinets. It is also suitable for smaller areas you intend to spray that do not require a large paint volume, and most especially if you want to keep even paint results.

Things You Need to Remember When Using HVLP Spray Gun for Latex Paint

Once you have decided to use an HVLP spray gun for latex paint, your next step is to learn the best practices to ensure that you get the desired output. While an HVLP gun works incredibly well for spraying different surfaces, it may face difficulty using heavy and thicker latex paint. It is why surface, HVLP spray gun parts, and paint preparation are crucial before starting any project. If you are just starting out, you need to pay further attention to your painting process.

After familiarizing yourself with what you need to do before, during, and after the process, it will become easier to proceed with your project. However, if you only do whatever you want, achieving quality output may become challenging. Fortunately, many spray gun painting tips are available, which you only need to carefully understand and apply. If you plan to use an HVLP spray gun for latex paint, remember the things below for a successful painting result.  

Beware of paint preparation.

The painting process does not start after you’ve turned  your air compressor on and move your spray gun in motion. It begins with the proper surface and paint preparation. Unlike traditional finishes, the best quality of latex paint is thicker and requires appropriate thinner before using it as a spray. Without proper thinning of latex paint, you may encounter problems in output as you started to paint. Thus, make sure to thin and mix the paint well before jumping over the spraying process.

Use of additives.

In some cases, you may feel troubled as thinning alone still seems not to work. If this happens, you may also use a latex conditioner which helps decrease the thickness. These latex paint conditioners are ideal for improving the paint flow while keeping the stick and cover quality on a surface. 

Ensure enough air hose length.

Another thing you need to ensure is the length of the air hose. Ensure that you are using enough hose length as the HVLP spray gun may produce heat when using a short hose, which adversely affects your paint output quality. Estimate your work requirement and the space area, and match an air hose length that would be suitable enough to ensure proper flow when spraying.

Use the proper spraying technique. 

Using a pressure spray gun or an HVLP spray gun also requires patterns and techniques. Just because the tool is automatic does not mean that you should use the spray gun haphazardly.. Make sure to hold the spray gun at the right angle and secure the proper motion to continuously achieve smooth outputs.. You may start spraying on top for vertical surfaces while at the edge towards the opposite side for horizontal surfaces.

Make sure to test and practice.

Not everyone will get the desired output on the first try, so testing and practicing the surface is necessary. By having the surface tested, you can identify whether the paint material and the equipment are ready for the process. You can also start to adjust settings when the test results are not yet fit for the desired output. 

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