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Compact Compressor for Air Tools

Operating auto mechanic air tools such as HVLP Spray Guns or Sandblaster Gun Kits can be a hassle, especially if you don't have the necessary attachments. Additionally, your on-hand equipment may suffer severely if you do not use the proper air tool accessories; thus, ending in complete and utter failure when left for long. This is why researching and reading about air tool guides online is essential if you have a powerful air tool at bay. In that way, you can maintain its performance and prolong its effectiveness. 

Attachments, like some air compressor or compressed air tool set, is one of the most important tools that one must acquire whenever they want to use a compact air tool. It is the device that supplies clean air that helps run pneumatic tools; thus, named a Wind in Reserve type of compressor.

Being a vital piece of equipment, you must take care of your acquired air compressor and see that it is a quality-wise product. In that way, you can ensure that your performance and the list of projects you currently have are easy to accomplish. However, how can you be so sure if you have the perfect air compressor already? 

What is an Oil-Free Compressor

There are various air compressors, but you can identify them as oil-free compressors and oil-injected type in simple categories. Therefore, it is very easy to differentiate these two types. However, it would be best to learn their characteristics further to understand which of the 2 is the most ideal compressor.

Oil-injected compressors, in the simplest of terms, are the type of air tool that uses oil to maximize its use and power. For this kind of compressor, it is necessary to apply or inject oil to lubricate the mechanism. Constant lubrication is a must to prevent damaging the pistols from possible friction. That's why adding the right amount of oil is vital to prolonging the usability of the product. Although, when the time comes and you inject too much oil, it will certainly affect the performance of the pneumatic tool.

Meanwhile, oil-free compressors can manage well without the use of oil. Most people find that using such a device helps you to bring high-quality air more. Furthermore, it usually works with a water-injected screw or other new technology to achieve pure and quality air.

Why Compact Compressor for Air Tools is a Must 

Inventors continuously find a way to acquire a safe and quality air without the other factor, using oil throughout the years. Oil-free compressors were invented to solve that dilemma. Thus, the rise of manufacturers and tool providers that offer this kind of accessory for air tools. 

Now that oil-free compressors are present, understanding their usability and perks are important. That way, you can fully utilize them and be confident about their effectiveness. Check out the list we prepared to thoroughly analyze why using such a product is vital and essential for you!


When compared to oil-injected ones, using an oil-free compressor is much more affordable. Using this tool doesn't require any pricey lubricant to work well. Unlike the other type of compressor, you need to buy oil repeatedly to make sure that the work will be done effectively. 

Even though some oil-free compressors require lubricant, they can work with water alone. Thus, its maintenance is way cheaper than the oil-injected ones.

Safe for the Environment

Meanwhile, this next factor is essential today with the ongoing climate change we have. Using such a tool can help prevent damaging the earth further with the natural gas it uses. Since it is only natural gas, it won't affect the state of the environment when emitted into the atmosphere, as it doesn't have any pollutant substances. Compressed air tools safety is perfect for this cause, saving the environment

Perfect for Painting and Woodworking

On the other hand, being a tool without the use of oil means that it can be a safe device for accomplishing painting and woodworking tasks. As oil is injected into the compressor itself, the chances are that oil may mix with the paint. Thus, affecting your product with a chunky look instead of an airbrush finish. Furthermore, oil on wood is not ideal as it can stain the wood when it touches its surface. 

Less Maintenance 

That's right! Although this factor was already explained earlier, giving a further explanation can help enlighten you more. Using an oil-free compressor is less maintenance as it can work all right and bring the best performance without any assistance from a lubricant. 

With that being said, you don't need to accomplish any tedious maintenance work to prolong the effectiveness of your compressor. In short, there's no need to drain old stock of oil from your device and inject a new one to protect your tool. 

Contamination is Less Probable

Lastly, using an oil-free tool is safer than an oil-injected type of compressor. Without the use of any oil, you can fully maximize and accomplish any tasks without compromising your work. Usually, with oil involved for your compressor, its air tool filter may fail to prevent excess oil from entering the HVLP gun or Sandblaster Gun you are using. Thus, affecting your output and your reputation as well. However, when you use an oil-free type of compressor, contamination of the abrasive or paint won't happen. 

Be an Environmentalist with Le Lematec!

It is ideal to acquire a product that is both effective and safe for the environment. Fortunately, Le Lematec offers this kind of tool to assure you that they are a quality-wise kind of equipment. Check out their air compressor collection by visiting their website!