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Air Compressor Pressure Switch Or Regulator

Air compressors and air tools require the best quality air compressor accessories to ensure the same high-quality results. However, problems with these tools may still happen; they may involve Air Compressor Pressure Switch or Regulator. It may be troublesome if you are not aware of what to assess and look for to fix the air compressor issue. Whether it is an air compressor regulator problem or pressure switch, proper maintenance may be the best solution. Learn more about air compressor pressure switch and regulator and the buying guide for new pressure switch in this discussion. 

The Air Compressor Pressure Switch Or Regulator Problem

No matter how best you think your air compressors are, problems with different parts and components may still occur without proper maintenance. You may either get a problem with the air compressor regulator or pressure switch, or even other air compressor accessories. Any damage that will happen, even the slightest one, can affect your system and the process. 

Air compressor pressure switch and regulator are vital parts of your air compressor. Both may encounter problems with leaking that you need to take action immediately. However, when the leak occurs, some operators quickly assume that they need to buy new ones. Before doing so, it is best to carefully assess and check the cause to know whether parts require immediate replacement. Moreover, proper and regular maintenance can help you understand why air leaks occur or do they occur on purpose. Should the assessment calls for relief, then you will need to be wise of your next purchase. 

How To Select The Right Air Compressor Pressure Switch

As a vital device that responds to change in pressure, it is necessary to keep functioning. Its reaction to pressure changes helps operators to take action on what is needed. If you are having trouble with leaking, a compressor will not start or stop; you might need to check up your air compressor pressure switch. It could happen when you use air tools, and the pressure suddenly drops below the regular compressor cut, and the air compressor fails to start. Also, your air compressor switch may have already worn out and need replacement. When this happens, make sure to select the right air compressor pressure switch. Learn how you can choose the best one with the guide below. 

Maximum Pressure

Pressure, of course, is a significant factor you need to be careful of when operating your air compressor. Before buying your new pressure switch, the question lies in whether the maximum pressure is equal to or higher than the current one you have. Well, working with an air compressor has pressure ratings and recommendations. That said, you will either need to get the same or higher new pressure switch pressure rating. Another important note is never to set your pressure rating more than the recommend or PSI ratings for your air compressor and air tools. More damages may occur when you operated your air compressors and air tools than the required settings.

Electrical Load

The next thing to check is its electrical load or capacity of the pressure switch to handle the motor currents of your air compressor. If you have small compressors, the pressure switch can switch or control its motor directly. Before buying one, make sure the pressure switch is fitted or matches the motor currents of your air compressor to ensure it will work. 

Physical Connections

When it comes to the pressure switch, some versions require physical connection considerations. If there are physical connection requirements for your current air compressor, you may use an adapter. However, it is ideal for getting a new pressure switch suitable directly on your compressor for ease and convenience. 

On/Off Switch

Some air compressors have an on and off switch while others do not. If you are new to this tool, some bigger air compressors don't have an on and off switch on the pressure switch as they have separate control panels. Meanwhile, small air compressors may have an on and off switch for pressure switch as they are operated on directly with this. 

Unloader Valve

If you are buying a new pressure switch, it is best to check if your previous one has an integrated unloader valve. If yes, you may re-use it with your new pressure switch as long as the connections are the same. However, if the new pressure switch available has already come with an unloader valve, make sure it matches your air compressor's physical connections. 

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