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Mini Gravity Spray Gun

Whether it is Mini Gravity Spray Gun or professional ones, one familiar concern you probably have encountered when dealing with spray guns is the overspray. If this has troubled you most of the time, then consider using the best HVLP spray guns, proper pressure settings, and understanding the possible causes are what you need. Regardless if you have been in the field for a long time or are just starting your hobby, these are things you need to pay attention to and resolve as immediately as possible. Discover and learn more about its importance, causes, and solutions for over sprays with the guide discussed below. 

The Importance of Accurate HVLP Spray Gun Pressure Settings

Air pressure plays a vital role in every air tool and air compressor application. As for HVLP spray guns, it is also necessary to set correct HVLP spray gun pressure settings to ensure reliable paint atomization and the outputs. While HVLP spray guns help you avoid as much mess as possible, you may still end up getting a messy work environment or overspray results if you don't secure accurate air pressure settings.

It is understandable for first-timers to struggle or encounter a few over sprays where paint applications do not meet the intended area. This is why having the proper operator training and knowledge about HVLP spray guns is necessary. Before proceeding to the actual spray painting, make sure to conduct a test spray run first to assess whether the settings would match your requirement. When you finally get the desired atomization for your spray guns, starting your project becomes manageable. You can also prevent the overspray and messy outputs that are troublesome for work. 

Causes and Solutions of Oversprays With Mini Gravity Spray Gun

If you are not using HVLP type of spray guns, you are surely missing out on the best solution for minimizing over sprays. With this air tool, you can adequately atomize paint application, eliminate waste and maintain a clean environment. However, even if you are using HVLP mini gravity spray guns but are not responsible enough when using them, paint application can still go wrong. Note that spray guns are not at fault all the time. If you encounter oversprays, you may not be paying much attention to air pressure setting, spray patterns, and proper HVLP spray gun handling. Although there are times when the spray gun is low-quality, workers are also responsible for failed applications. Learn more about the causes and possible solutions you can do when you encounter overspray with your painting works with the simple guide we have compiled below. 

Your air pressure may be too high. 

As previously mentioned above, air pressure is always crucial for air tools and air compressors. When you give your air tool a higher air pressure than recommended, particularly your mini gravity spray gun, you will have trouble with your paint application. There will be a bounce effect and cloud, which results in overspray. To avoid this, feed only the air pressure required.

Your spray pattern may be too broad. 

Another problem that causes overspray is having a spray pattern that is too broad. If you ignore your spray pattern, chances are you will encounter overspray. Having better control is necessary if you want a neat and clean environment. Thus, make sure a narrow spray pattern, reduced pattern width, and avoid broad sprays, which only result in a mess application. 

You may spray with an incorrect angle.

When you are spraying at an incorrect angle, you can also encounter trouble with over sprays. Your spraying angle also plays a crucial role in achieving quality paint applications. When you start your project with your mini gravity spray gun, the recommended spray angle handling should  either be at a perpendicular angle or at a 90-degree angle to the material. You might miss the material you will be spraying when the spray angle is incorrect. 

You may be spraying too far from the substrate.

Another cause of overspray is due to spraying too far from the substrate. The width of the spray pattern increases when the distance between the spray gun and substrate also increases. You can avoid this by spraying enough closer to the substrate and holding the spray gun with a distance length of around 4-10 feet.. 

Indeed, there are many possible reasons that cause overspray in paint application. But with the proper understanding of what leads to its causes, possible solutions relating to HVLP spray gun ratings, you can minimize the overspray and still achieve the best output potential. 

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