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Professional HVLP Spray Gun

Working with a spray gun with limited knowledge of using it properly, including its maintenance, may ruin your painting process. Hence, it is crucial to learn more about your spray gun, from buying the best one to cleaning it the right way. Remember what you need to do when choosing Professional HVLP Spray Guns and the do's and don'ts when cleaning it below. 

Choosing Among Paint Spray Gun Brands

As many people and workers have started to shift from traditional painting tools to high-quality performing spray guns, competition among different brands has been massive. Now that almost everything is available online, it has become easy to check out air tools from the comfort of your home. However, despite its convenience, not all buyers get the best quality they need for their work requirements.

From the cheaper alternatives to the more expensive ones, rows of professional HVLP spray guns are available in the market today. Some would buy cheap spray guns, while some are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for the costlier ones. Thus, some buyers fail to get suitable spray guns for their needs, as they tend to focus on the price rather than the quality features. Note that when choosing a spray gun, make sure to prioritize its quality, best features, function, and if it matches your work requirement more than anything else. From there onwards, you can start considering the cost and check if it is something that would fit your budget for the project that you wanted to achieve. 

The Do's and Don'ts When Cleaning a Professional HVLP Spray Gun

Once you have bought a professional HVLP spray gun and have started using it on your projects, the next thing you need to do is to conduct regular maintenance. When developing your regular maintenance schedule, you need to pay careful attention to the cleaning process of your spray gun. This is a significant factor that can either help you achieve the desired outputs, or fail your project in the middle of the process. 

Whether it is a simple HVLP spray gun or a professional automotive spray gun, learning the do's and don'ts when cleaning one is necessary. Aside from having an on-the-go paint spray gun and cleaning kit, knowing the proper cleaning procedure could help you more than you think. Learn more about what you need to remember as you clean yours using the guide below.

Never leave the cap on the paint gun when you clean it.

Leaving your cap on the paint gun when you are cleaning is not a good idea. It can only make it hard for you to clean off the remaining paint, especially around the cap area. Instead, make sure to remove the lid properly and clean the paint residue inside. Remember to take extra caution when cleaning  the cap horns, as it can affect your spray patterns later on due to clogging paints. 

Dump the paint left in the gun into a waste barrel after you disconnect the cup.

After using your spray gun, there is a guarantee that there will be paint residue left  inside the gun. This is one of the challenging tasks some paint spray gun owners would want to avoid. Sadly, it is not something that could be avoided throughout.t. Neglecting to clean your professional HVLP spray gun after every use may cause clogging on your subsequent use. With that  said, make sure to clean your spray guns and dump the paint left in the spray gun to a waste barrel. You can also pre-rinse the spray gun with water and dump the waste on the same barrel. 

Never leave some paint remains in the fluid passageways after cleaning.

After cleaning, make sure there are no more paint remains in the fluid passageways. While some don't see it as a big concern, it would be once it has dried out. As it starts to get hard and build up, it can block the passageways which may lead to an inefficient process. That said, ensure to double-check your spray gun after cleaning. Clean it some more if there are still paint residue left within. Make sure to use the recommended cleaning solvent to clean your spray guns for the best results. 

Ensure the paint gun is clean and dry before using it again.

If you are working in a workshop that frequently uses professional HVLP spray guns, you need to make sure it is clean and dry before using it again. The best way to maintain and lengthen its lifespan is to keep it clean before and after using it. 

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