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Air Compressor Air Filter

When working with air compressors, filtering the air is essential to maintain good condition and optimum performance. That said, air filters play an important role in any air compressor system. Choosing the right Air Compressor Air Filter can significantly improve efficiency, reduce energy costs, and protects employees from getting in contact with harmful chemicals and air particulates.

However, not all air filters may work for your air compressors. Usually, there are certain qualifications and conditions to consider before you could actually choose the one for your air compressor system. These include your workplace requirements, the type of projects to accomplish, and how often you use your equipment.

What Typically Happens to an Air Compressor with Installed Filter?

An air compressor filter keeps water, oil, and dirt from reaching your air tools. Thus, they really play a vital role in keeping the overall health and safety of your tools. Although air filters differ in types, sizes, and functions, they all have a relatively common purpose: filtering compressed air. With the help of proper air filtration, the particulates and debris present in the air are trapped and collected. In most cases, the selection of air filters depends on the kind of particles you need to filter. For example, some filters aim to trap wet particles and moisture, others target dry particles, while some can even eliminate vapors and odors from the air stream.

When operating an air compressor, millions of particulates are about to damage your tools. So if the air passes through unfiltered, it can affect the internal components, including the control valves, or even cause premature wear on the protective seals and the tools. Hence, you need to provide your air compressor with a filter to prevent unwanted damage to your compressed air system. Moreover, air filters are worthy yet inexpensive investments. While you need to replace them due to frequent use, they are far less costly than paying for air tool repairs and replacements. Aside from that, getting a reliable air filter, be it an air compressor inline filter or an air compressor breather filter, will increase the life of both your compressor and pneumatic tools. 

The Different Types of Air Compressor Filters

As there are several types of air compressors to fulfill various needs or requirements, air filters have different types as well. In some instances, you can use more than one filter in a single compressor for more effective air filtration. The air filter you're choosing should entirely depend on the tools and application you're working with and what type of particulates to filter out from the air. It's important to choose the most suitable type of air compressor filter, as it will provide you with the best air quality possible.

High Particulate Filter

High particulate filters are considered one of the first lines of defense when filtering the particulates from the air. They are very reliable when it comes to removing solid particles such as dirt, dust, grime, pollen, and other dense elements that can cause early wear on your air system. These compressor filters are an excellent choice for different painting jobs to achieve smooth and finish output.

Activated Carbon Absorber

Compared to other filters, activated carbon absorbers have a more specific role. They use absorption to remove oil, gases, and vapors from compressed air. These filters use activated carbon from charcoal and easily attract oil vapors and other vapor particles. 

Coalescing Air Filter

These are some of the most preferred air filters by many industrial facilities, which trap finer particles. They can also remove water, oil, paint fluid, aerosols, and other liquid elements from the air. However, coalescing air filters are not capable of filtering vapors. As water is extremely damaging for air compressors and tools, considering this air filter is a smart choice. 

Compressor Intake Filter

Air compressors are consist of intake areas that are an essential part of achieving good air pressure and flow. Generally, your air system will mostly rely on the efficiency and ability of the intake to pull in air. So to ensure reliable performance of your air compressor, considering an air compressor intake filter is a must. Some available air compressors are already installed with intake filters, but keep in mind that some smaller air compressors don't have one. 

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