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How To Use A Spray Gun With Air Compressor

Air compressor is equipment useful for different air tools you are working with both at work or home. Spray painting is one activity where an air compressor is a must. However, if you are a starter or new user with these tools, operating your spray gun with an air compressor may be challenging. In this section, we will help you learn How To Use A Spray Gun With Air Compressor. 

Checklist for Spray Gun Setup & Air Compressor

Achieving quality output with a spray gun and air compressor comes with different factors. Aside from ensuring you have the best and proper air spray gun and air compressors, there are other tools you also need to keep organized. Some problems encountered during the process of spray painting relies on the air pressure. That said, maintaining accurate pressure is crucial. 

To achieve the best results and quality performance of your mini paint spray gun or best auto paint spray gun, consider having a checklist to go through with your paint process. Your list for spray gun setup and air compressor should include how narrow is your air hose, quick disconnect fittings, and the quality of the airflow regulator. It is vital not to use too long or too short an air hose, and ensure the right size to ensure a steady stream of airflow. 

Steps on How To Use A Spray Gun With Air Compressor

Of course, your knowledge about air spray guns does not end with learning about the factors alone. Learning how to use a spray gun with air compressor is needed to make the most of your air tools. While it is not instant magic you can accomplish, familiarizing yourself with the right steps can guide you to ensure a quality spray painting output. Now, whether you are working with a DIY project or professional auto works, preparing everything from the best auto spray paint gun or mini paint spray gun to other tools beforehand is necessary. Learn how to use a spray gun with air compressor with the quick guide below. 

Step 1: Prepare the paint area. 

Before anything else, you need to prepare your paint area and ensure the right materials to avoid hazards. It might become a mess if the painting area is not properly ready. Setup canvas sheets around the painting area and secure the section needed.  

Step 2: Thin the paint with a thinner.

The use of thinner depends on the type of paint you will use. The sticky paint material becomes more dilute when combined with thinner that will allow you to spray paint freely along the process. 

Step 3: Wear safety and protective equipment.

For every work, safety should always be a priority. Before starting your paint process, make sure to wear the necessary safety gears and protective equipment to prevent any injuries. You will need to wear a respirator, safety glasses, gloves, and other safety suits as paint materials contain different solvents and chemicals. 

Step 4: Start the air compressor.

Once everything above is ready, you may now start the air compressor to supply air to your spray gun. The building of pressure takes time, and to regulate it, you can navigate the air compressor regulator. 

Step 5: Setup and adjust the air compressor regulator as needed. 

As air pressure plays a vital role in achieving the best results, regulating your air compressor with accurate air pressure is needed. For painting furniture, the ideal air pressure is around 12 to 25 PSI. However, to ensure the recommended air pressure rating, it is best to refer to your manual. 

Step 6: Connect the spray gun with a hose coupling.

With the right air pressure hose, connector and regulators, connect the spray gun attachment and check the air volume needed. It is necessary to ensure that the compressor can deliver the air volume your air tool requires for the best result.  

Step 7: Start your painting with an air spray gun. 

Now that your spray gun setup is ready, you can now start your painting project with your air spray gun. To adjust the air, revolve the knob switch and proceed to test your spray pattern until you get the desired output you need.  

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