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How To Mix Paint For Air Spray Gun

For new users or starters in painting, mixing paint for a spray gun may be challenging. There are things you need to prepare and consider. Of course, it is to ensure you will get a quality mixture of paint for your project. Here is a quick guide on How To Mix Paint For Air Spray Gun you can follow today! 

Why Is a Home Spray Gun a Must-Have?

Sometimes home improvement projects are costly and troublesome, especially if your only choice is to hire individuals to do the work for you. While it is ideal to have professional guidance to help you, there are simple tasks at home you can do yourself without spending too much time and money. It is a home spray gun best for achieving various painting tasks you might have at home. You only need to have a quality spray gun, a guide to use it, and an understanding of how to mix paint for air spray gun, then you are good to go. 

Guide on How To Mix Paint For Air Spray Gun

In achieving a perfect paint finish, the output does not rely on the painting tools alone but on the mixture of paint you also use. Before starting your painting project, whether you are a pro or newbie, or hobbyist, you need to have a good paint mixture to use with your hobby spray gun. It is necessary to ensure you will have an effective spray painting process, application, and smooth finish painting project. If you thin your paint too little or too much, your working process is affected in many ways. It is why following a procedure helps in securing you are mixing your paint right. By starting from proper preparation of tools to choosing the right type of paint item and up to the cleaning process, you can ensure a well-organizing mixing of the painting process. 

Step 1: Get ready and prepare your tools.

First things first, you need to start preparing everything you need for your painting project. It is always ideal to have everything ready, so there is no interruption if you need to get the other tools. Prepare your paint, water, hobby spray gun, high-quality HVLP spray gun, thinner, protective equipment, sprayer tips, and testing board. 

Step 2: Choose what type of paint that you need to use.

If you are a new user, understanding what type of paint you need is crucial when using a spray gun. There are paint colors that require various liquids to mix with it. Some paint items like latex paint can easily blend with water, while other oil-based paints require mineral spirits like thinner. However, not all of the paint items are applicable to mix with thinner. It is better to check the labels if it is possible or not. 

Step 3: Wear your protective gear.

Next, wear the protective gear needed to keep you safe from paint chemicals and solvents that may harm you while working. As these chemicals are harmful and dangerous, wearing safety goggles, respirators, and a protective suit is necessary. 

Step 4: Strain the paint you will use. 

Clogs of paint from the sprayer may interrupt and affect your painting output as you work. It happens when you are not removing the excess paint right away from the sprayer. To avoid this, strain it from the container and remove all the remaining paint. 

Step 5: Test your paint. 

Get a testing board and start spraying a small amount of paint to a surface. With this, you can check whether it is already good enough without mixing with a thinner or need one for best results. 

Step 6: Mix the paint as needed and test its mixture.

After everything is ready, you can now proceed in mixing your paint color as needed. Get your paint bucket and start pouring the amount of paint you need and add a little amount of water, thinner, or other chemicals based on the type of paint required. As for the amount of mixture, it varies depending on your work requirement. Whether you need a thin or thick one, you can mix it according to your need and test its mixture on your spray gun. 

Step 7: Transfer the final mixture into your spray gun.

Once satisfied with the mixture, you can now transfer it into your spray gun and start working with your paint project. It is best to learn about the different spray patterns and how to use a spray gun to achieve desirable results. 

Step 8: Clean your equipment after work.

After accomplishing your paint project, a proper cleaning process of the spray gun is necessary. You may follow a simple guide on how to clean a spray gun and lengthen its lifespan for more uses in the future.

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