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Portable Air Sandblaster

During industrial operations like sandblasting, operators are required to wear personal protective equipment like safety goggles, coveralls, respirators, and safety helmets that are specially designed to avoid potential job hazards during the process. Besides, industrial workers like painters and woodworkers are responsible for their own health and safety and others. So, you need to learn how to use a portable sandblaster and be aware of the specific safety rules as well as the danger that may occur during the sandblasting procedure. But everyone would agree that prevention is always better than cure. Hence, you need to take immediate actions by knowing all the safety precautions against accidents and exposures from harmful exposures in using a Portable Air Sandblaster. 

Why Doing Precautionary Measures Important in Sandblasting?

Today, sandblasting is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to accomplish a wide range of industrial and home applications. It works on directing tiny abrasive particles with the help of compressed air to create a high-pressured flow stream towards the surface. This amazing tool can effectively clean and smoothen surfaces and remove unwanted edges and dirt that gives a new texture to the material or prepare a surface for coating applications. But due to the safety risks involved, portable sandblasting should always be performed by trained operators and professionals in the field. Keeping the use of a portable air sandblaster blast gun safe involves protecting workers from the common hazards brought by the extreme pressure blasting process itself, including the chemicals and materials released during the sandblasting operations. As per OSHA, every business or home DIYers that utilizes heavy-duty portable sandblaster requires proper blasting areas and facilities to follow certain safety protocols. This will lead to the safety and security of workers during and after the sandblasting process. Aside from that, employers should also provide additional sandblasting safety tips and necessary safety equipment for sandblaster operators suited to specific equipment and processes.

Important Guidelines and Safety Tips for Safe and Successful Sandblasting Operations

Indeed, the use of sandblasters, regardless of size and type, is incredibly useful to many industries. However, it can also be too dangerous if not properly executed. If you don’t take the proper safety precautions needed in every blasting operation, it can result in severe injury or even death of your workers. Hence, we give you these precautionary guidelines and safety tips to avoid unexpected things to happen.

Secure the Workplace

You can start by getting rid of unnecessary objects that can lead to tripping and falling hazards in the area. Also, you need to ensure that the flooring where you intend to do blasting operations is slippery and free from materials and substances that can cause accidents to operators and workers. In addition, you can prohibit activities that are not related to blasting that can disturb and endanger workers during the process. These include eating, drinking, smoking, or any unnecessary movements around the blasting areas.

Inspect the Equipment Before Use

Sometimes, there are instances where your equipment is not in good condition. This may be due to improper usage and maintenance, years of service, or some accidents. Hence, you need to carefully check for cracks, leaks, and other damage that can cause severe problems to your work. You may start examining the sandblast hose and make sure that there are no cracks in it. Also, you may try to consider less toxic abrasive materials so you can avoid exposure to hazardous contaminants. Lastly, make sure that you monitor daily carbon monoxide to ensure that the area will be properly ventilated and is free of toxic components.

Prepare the Protective Gears at All Times 

This is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to achieve a safe blasting application. Not being able to wear proper protective garments can lead to many potential accidents. So make sure that your sandblaster operators and other employees with specific types of application are always wearing their abrasive blasting respirator, protective helmets, gloves, safety shoes, protective eyewear, and other safety equipment recommended by OSHA. Also, workers who are in charge of the cleanup process may also need respiratory equipment too.

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